It does not boast

love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, it always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. -1 Corinthians : 4-7

When it gets serious, it does not boast. Because they know, even though they are faraway from each other, their hearts always intertwined. Even though they cannot updating each other constantly, at the end of each day they never forget to pray for each other.

Definisi Bahagia

Berawal dari percakapan ini yang terjadi antara saya dengan guru piano saya 1 minggu yang lalu.

Guru piano : “Ella, kamu gak mau ngajar piano lagi? Kan lumayan dapat penghasilan tambahan”

Saya : “Hmmm…pengen sih kak. Tapi susah cari waktunya”

Guru piano : “Kan bisa pas weekend. Hari Sabtu atau Minggu”

Saya : “Hari Minggu saya nyanyi, Kak. Sabtu biasanya ketemu teman2 di luar teman kantor”

Guru piano : “Hidup kamu tuh kayanya bahagia banget ya, La”

Apakah saya sungguh bahagia? Jawabannya adalah iya. Saya tidak (belum) memiliki segala yang saya inginkan, tapi Tuhan sudah mencukupkan saya dengan rejeki yang DIA berikan melalui pekerjaan saya. Banyak orang yang menganggap pekerjaan dan bidang yang saya tekuni adalah lahan yang “kering”, tapi memang bukan kekayaan yang saya cari. Yang saya cari adalah rasa nyaman. Buat apa punya pekerjaan yang menghasilkan banyak uang tapi kitanya tertekan?

Saya bahagia karena walaupun teman saya tidak banyak, tapi mereka yang dekat dengan saya adalah teman-teman yang tulus. Yang mau meluangkan waktunya di tengah jadwal mereka yang padat untuk sekadar ngobrol dan berbagi update tentang kabar terbaru. Teman yang tidak sibuk dengan gadgetnya ketika bertemu dengan saya.

Saya bahagia karena saya punya keluarga yang sangat mendukung. Mereka adalah support system saya. Sejak lulus SMA, kedua orang tua saya sudah memberikan saya kebebasan penuh untuk menentukan masa depan saya. Namun, setiap akan membuat suatu keputusan besar, saya selalu minta persetujuan mereka. Dan sudah terbukti, doa restu mereka merupakan salah satu sumber kekuatan saya dalam menghadapi segala tantangan yang   Satu hal yang sangat saya syukuri adalah bapak, ibu, saya, dan kedua adik saya adalah satu tim yang kompak.

Saya bahagia karena Tuhan berikan saya talenta dalam bernyanyi dan bermusik, sehingga saya bisa menggunakannya untuk memuliakan-Nya. Hari Minggu, sebisa mungkin, tidak akan saya isi dengan hal-hal yang berhubungan dengan pekerjaan. Itu komitmen yang saya buat dengan diri saya sendiri setelah saya mempunyai pekerjaan tetap.

Saya bahagia karena saya masih diberikan kesempatan untuk bermimpi dan berusaha untuk mewujudkan mimpi-mimpi itu.

Jadi apa definisi bahagia menurut saya? Bahagia adalah ketika saya masih diberikan kesempatan untuk mensyukuri segala berkat Tuhan yang tidak henti-hentinya hadir dalam hidup saya.



aku menemukanmu

Ternyata bukan subyek di posting berjudul ‘untitled’ yang saya tulis tempo hari.

Aku menemukanmu dalam sosok yang lain. Dalam sosok lelaki yang realistis, yang tidak malu mengakui kelemahannya di hadapanku. Yang mau berbagi cerita apapun denganku. Seseorang yang selalu menatap mataku dengan dalam ketika sedang berbicara. Aku heran, banyak orang menganggapku aneh. Tapi, kali ini aku menemukan orang yang at least sama anehnya denganku. Ini terlalu luar biasa untuk disebut kebetulan. Mungkinkah ini takdir?

Mungkin kamu memang soulmate-ku? Tapi, soulmate tidak harus selalu berakhir bersama seperti di kisah-kisah fiksi romantis itu, kan? Kalau Tuhan dan situasi mengizinkan. Tapi, tidak perlu berandai-andai. Because too much expectations, hurt.


Kita sadar ingin bersama. Tapi tak bisa apa-apa. 

-Tulus (Sepatu)


The idea of being a single independent woman is so exciting. But, you will reach a certain period in your life when you feel uncomfortable every time people ask how old you are (yes, those kind of people do exist in Indonesia. sadly). Because many times that question will lead to another questions. Which are : do you have a boyfriend at the moment?; when are you planning to get married?; don’t work/study too hard until you forget to get married. You know, Indonesian people are sometimes “too care” about other people’s business. 

While it’s normal for western people to stay single during their twenties, it’s a bit “abnormal” for people in my society to stay single during their late twenties. And I’m now in (what they called) critical age. It’s nonsense, though.

Most of my high school and college friends have already got married and have (a) kid(s). While I haven’t got any desires to get married to anyone at the moment. That’s why now I choose people with whom I talk. Most of my old friends are starting to ‘lecture’ me about life, as if they’re suddenly become experts on life after they got married. Don’t worry, I’ll get married eventually. I already have a big picture in my head on how my wedding day will look like. So, yeah sometimes I think about it. But the thing that we called “marriage” is the periods after that wedding day, right? And now, I’m still afraid to think about those periods. Some people look less happy when they enter a marriage phase (especially when they already have kids). I don’t want to be like those people. 

My view on relationship is a lot different with my view on marriage. I’ve learned that there’s nothing but time that can heal a broken-heart. I never afraid to fall for someone, though I’ve failed so many times. I don’t know, but I think falling in love is the easiest job in the world. The hardest job is keeping that love despite all of the challenges you face while sailing your (relation)ship. 🙂


Don’t date someone you’re dependent on. Date someone who makes you more independent and makes you want to be better.


ps : I don’t believe in coincidence. I don’t believe such thing as ‘love at the first sight’. First time I met you, we just talked for about less than 1 minute (nothing happened). Second time I met you, we were interacting for about 30 minutes. My heart started pounding hours after that. And actually it leads me to write this short post on my blog today. Maybe  if you’re too curious and starts googling stuffs about me, you’ll reach this blog page. At least you’ll get a rough idea about my point of views regarding relationship and marriage. If, by any chance, we can get closer, I’ll tell you more about this.

And The Adventure Ends

Piles of my “Harry Potter” books

Got the first copy when I was in 6th grade

Never miss every single series

Read the 7th book when I was in the 2nd year of university

Watched the first movie when I was in 7th grade

Never miss every single movies

Watched the last movie last week

Maybe those phrases can best describe my addiction to “Harry Potter Series”. An adventure of three kids in a school of witchcraft and wizardry named Hogwarts. I grew up reading their adventure and there was a time in my life when I dreamed of being in a wizard world. When I was in junior high school, me and my friends always talked about muggles, mud-blood,  Voldemort, and all of those spells they used in the wizard world (such as lumos, obliviate, occulo reparo, avada kedavra, wingardium leviosa, and many mores). I think we should revised our dictionary and adding those words in it. LoL. 😀

my first copy of “Harry Potter” dated in 2000

When I finished reading the last series of Harry Potter, I was still hoping for some more movies. But now, as the last movie had been released, I feel like half of my childhood had gone somewhere.

“Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2” was great with all of those amazing special effects. Speaking about my favorite, the best Harry Potter series are “Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban” (3rd series) and “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” (4th series). And for the movie, nothing can beat the last part of Harry Potter series. Yes, I am more than satisfied!

I think my generation is so lucky to be given a chance to follow the adventure of Harry Potter right from the very beginning until the very end. Thanks, JK Rowling. You’re so brilliant.

And I promise I will introduce this amazing adventure to my future kids, someday. Just like my auntie had introduced me to some Enid Blyton’s characters back then when I was a kid. 🙂

…and this is the trailer of “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow Part 2” in case you haven’t watched it.

pictures taken from here and here.

Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan

Yesterday afternoon when I was on my way home, I read a shocking news on my twitter timeline. 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by a 10 metres tsunami hitted Japan. And suddenly I remember that some of my friends are currently being in Japan for study and research purpose.

I was directly checked on my y!m and found out that one of my friend was online. I asked him whether he and our other friends were alright, and he said that everything was under control there and no need to worry. He’s living in Osaka, by the way. However, yesterday night I knew from FB that there wasn’t any news from one of my junior who is currently doing her exchange program in Tokyo. Let’s hope that she’s alright and doesn’t experience any serious injury. Well, 8.9 magnitude earthquake is really huge!

Based on the news from CNN that I watched yesterday, they predicted that the tsunami would soon reach Indonesia and other nearby countries. Thank God, until this moment that tsunami don’t hit Indonesia. But we still need to be aware of any bad possibilities that may happen.

May God be with Japanese people and my friends there. And may God also be with us, Indonesian!