Graduation, et cetera

Finally I'm done with everything related to my Master's degree. Last week, December 4th 2012, I officially obtained my degree. So, now I am Gabriella Febriana, BSc, MRes. Hopefully, I will soon find a job or a PhD position. Fingers crossed. I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow or few months from now. I want … Continue reading Graduation, et cetera

Until We Meet Again

Maybe my life here wouldn't be as dynamic as this if I didn't say yes to my friend's invitation last year to join the choir. During my first weeks in Newcastle, I didn't know anyone who want to go to church together with me on Sundays. I ended up going to church by myself. Then, … Continue reading Until We Meet Again

I Enjoy My Life, Lately

"pak, masa Ella disuruh ngajarin angklung. | sejak kapan kamu bisa main angklung? -bbm antara saya dan bapak saya tadi siang" Hidup saya sangat musikal deh akhir-akhir ini. Bayangin aja, seminggu ini isinya latihan choir, latihan kendang buat mengiringi tari Saman dan tari Kipas, latihan nyanyi, latihan angklung. Hehe. Bahkan untuk latihan angklung, saya diminta … Continue reading I Enjoy My Life, Lately