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How’s Life?

I've been disappearing from this blog for quite a while. To be honest my life has been busy since earlier this year, yet I haven't made significant progress on my research project. So, yes my brain eventually burned out. I realized that my mind needs a little bit of rest. At the moment, I'm taking… Continue reading How’s Life?


Biomedicine : An Intro

People often ask me about this field I have been working on since almost 8 years ago. I am proudly call myself as a biomedical scientist. I had also a 3-year experience of being a biomedicine lecturer. What is biomedicine? What is the difference between biomedicine and medical study? What are the career prospects of… Continue reading Biomedicine : An Intro


That “Sierra Burgess” In Me Have you watched the new teenflick movie on Netflix, called "Sierra Burgess is a loser?" If you haven't, then watch it. I don't want to write a review about the movie here, but I just want to share how that movie relates to my life. Well, my teenage life to be exact. I used… Continue reading That “Sierra Burgess” In Me