yeay! my own domain

Akhirnya terwujud juga punya domain sendiri, yaitu ๐Ÿ™‚ Beberapa tahun lalu sempat iri dengan seorang teman yang sudah duluan punya domain sendiri. Saya ingat waktu itu saya bilang “beli domain bisa habisin gaji gw sebulan”. Lebay! Hahaha.

Terharu rasanya. Akhirnya saya punya penghasilan yang cukup untuk bisa beli domain blog. ย Saya tidak pernah menyebut diri sebagai blogger. Saya hanya seseorang yang suka menulis di blog, karena saya introvert (masa?). Lebih tepat ambivert sepertinya, ya.

Blog pertama saya itu di Friendster, tahun 2006. Mungkin teman-teman generasi pre-Facebook tahu lah ya tentang sosial media yang nge-hits pada jamannya itu. Kemudian berlanjut bikin account di blogspot, tahun 2007. Setahun kemudian, baru pindah ke wordpress karena menurut saya tampilan wordpress lebih rapi dibandingkan blogspot. Jadi, kalau dirunut sebenarnya sudah sepuluh tahun saya ngeblog. Dan selama ย 9 tahun saya menggunakan ID coratcoretnyaella. Kenapa kepikiran nama itu? Random aja sih. Haha. Blog ini adalah sarana saya untuk mencurahkan isi pikiran. Saya bisa menuliskan apapun di sini, termasuk hal-hal yang seringkali tidak bisa saya ungkapkan secara lisan.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 7.52.31 PM

postingan pertama saya di wordpress

Saya mulai menulis di blog sejak awal-awal jadi mahasiswa. Sampai sekarang sudah bekerja. Perjalanan yang sangaaaat panjang. Blog ini bisa dikatakan sebagai saksi bisu perjalanan hidup saya. Segala cerita sejak saya jadi mahasiswa di ITB, ketika saya merantau ke Inggris, dan akhirnya kembali bekerja di Indonesia tertuang semua di blog ini.

Oktober nanti genap delapan tahun sudah saya ngeblog di wordpress. Saya masih ingat, postingan pertama blog ini diketik di komputer kosan yang koneksi internetnya lambat sekali. ๐Ÿ˜€

Semoga dengan mempunyai domain sendiri, saya jadi lebih rajin update blog. ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m Longing for Blogging Routinely

In these days, somehow I wonder why I do not have much ideas to be shared on my blog. I used to routinely write here during my uni years. Writing about my days, writing about my fears of future, writing about my crushes, giving my opinions about some current events.

My daily activities have been quite the same since 2.5 years ago, so it’s not so interesting to write about my days now. lol. I don’t know why but I’m not really afraid anymore about my future. My life is quite settled now (for a single woman living in J-town). I am not looking for crushes anymore, but looking for the real one and it’s been the same person since late last year. So yeah just hoping for the best on this one. And last thing, it’s my bad, ย it’s been quite a while I don’t really catch up with the latest news happening here, so I can’t give my opinion. The guy always remind me that I need to follow the news. (but I always have excuses. ;))

Indeed, I miss interacting with other bloggers. Things that I did years ago when I found some friends through this blog. I believe those friends are not actively blogging anymore these days, as we already grown up and some of them getting married and busy with their new lives.

I’ve been struggling towards a big goal in my life, though. I’ve received a pretty unexpected good news earlier this year. Hopefully another good news, that will fix everything, comes end of this year the latest. Definitely will share on this blog when the good news come! God really involve in this process, I believe.

I also feel the support from my family and my closest circle of friends these past few months. It’s amazing how they’re always there when I need moments to discuss about some big decisions that I must make.

Also, the guy. The one who pushed me to revive my all-time big dream that have been long buried, because of those rejections I got in the last years. Sparing couple of hours in between his busy schedule (he’s even working on weekends. crazy!) to motivate me. I wonder what kind of person he is, who believe in meย more than I believe in myself.

But at the end, God is the one who will decided everything. One thing that ย I believe, if I’m struggling for a good cause, He will definitely make a way. Whatever it is.

Though I’m not routinely blogging now, but I’ll always be around-blogwalking-once a week at least. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy weekend!

Tahun Baru

Selamat tahun baru! Sudah tepat lewat 1 minggu. Tapi tak apalah. Apa daya masuk kantor langsung disambut kesibukan menjelang final exam, yaitu menyelesaikan grading lab report mahasiswa-mahasiswa saya. Hehe. Jadi sudah lama tidak sempat update blog ini.

Tahun 2015 berlalu begitu cepat. Entah sudah berapa kali saya mengatakan ini. Tahun di mana saya mengalami yang namanya kekagetan, kepuasan, kebahagiaan, kepedihan, kekecewaan, dan berakhir pada kebahagiaan lagi.

Kaget karena di awal 2015 tiba-tiba saya dipercaya untuk ikut terlibat dalam suatu project yang cukup krusial. Puas karena hasil kerja kami cukup oke. Di pertengahan tahun saya juga dapat tawaran untuk menjadi co-author dalam suatu proyek penulisan chapter buku. Manuskrip akhir sudah di-submit. Semoga tahun ini berhasil diterbitkan.

Bahagia karena di tahun ini saya bertemu dengan seseorang yang begitu tulus sama saya. Intinya, saya menyangka bahwa saya sudah bertemu dengan jodoh saya. Pedih dan kecewa…karena ternyata bukan. Haha. Dan memaafkan seseorang itu ternyata memang benar tidak semudah membalikkan telapak tangan.

Bahagia lagi karena ada yang tak disangka yang datang dan ada rasa yang tidak saya sangka akan ada. Yang sebenarnya sudah ada sejak lama, hanya saja saya terlalu sombong untuk mengakui. Semoga tidak hanya sementara saja.

Tahun yang luar biasa. Ditutup di bawah langit London yang dingin.

Semoga tahun 2016 juga akan luar biasa. Tidak ada resolusi. Saya hanya ingin bahagia dan menikmati setiap nafas yang saya hirup. Semoga tahun ini akan ada banyak cerita tentang yang tak disangka datang itu. Semoga.

Introducing my book blog

Hello! I’m back, dear reader! First of all, happy new year to all of you.

This is my first post in 2014, and I bring a good news. I have just created my own book blog. This idea came up in the middle of last month, actually. I wanted to have a blog where I will fill only with reviews about books that I have read and enjoyed. My sole purposes are to share my views and interact with other book – readers around the world. I used to write everything about books under the ‘books’ category in this blog. Now, I have moved the posts about book reviews to the new blog.

From now on, I will focus to write anything other than books in ‘La Vie Est Belle’. Don’t worry, I’ll try to write equally in both blogs, regardless of my schedules. that for real, Ella??

Well, I hope you will pay a little visit on my other muse. It’s called ‘The Bibliophile’s Journal’ by the way. I just have written one brand- new book review, though. More reviews will come later. Hopefully.

Still need some revisions here there, though. But, the new blog is now read-able, I guess.

Fifth Blog Anniversary : Keep On Writing

I started my WordPress blog in Oct 28th, 2008 because I just felt bored with my old blog. It was an impulsive decision. I never imagined that I actually can maintain this blog for the period of five years, and hopefully I will manage to maintain this blog for many more years.

I started this blog as a college student, and now five years later I have already gone quite far from where I was five years ago. This blog has taught me to be grateful for everything that have happened in my life. Sometimes I went through some past entries in this blog and found out that actually my life is full of simple miracles and little surprises. The ones which, most of the times, I did not realize. I know that I always pay attention to things that haven’t happened yet in my life, whilst actually so many great things have happened to me. I should be more grateful.

I also sometimes think that I did not improve a lot as a person. Well, looking at all of those entries in this blog, I have transformed into a better person compared to some years ago. I change a lot in five years.

Finally thanks for you, dear readers! Silent readers, non-silent readers, and people who have been directed to this blog by Uncle Google . Big appreciation for you all! Thanks for spending your time writing comments on my entries and for clicking the ‘like’ button. Simple stuffs that mean the world for me. At first, I did not expect people to read my entries because I just wanted to share my feeling/opinion here. And the initial purpose of this blog was to keep me sane in the middle of those overload college tasks. So, thank you!

I am happy to have this ‘home’ in the cyber-world. The five years existence of this blog also proof me that I could be so committed in doing something. I have been writing at least one entry every month in five years, without failing. This is an achievement, indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚

As written on the title of this entry, ‘Fifth Blog Anniversary : Keep On Writing’, I will not stop writing. Hopefully I can still maintain my strong commitment to write. Because you know, writing is relieving! Starting from last year, I have been writing about my most personal problems in a journal. And it’s truly relieving.

Maybe writing is my newfound passion. It’s been hiding somewhere inside myself for years.

Happy birthday, my blog! Thanks for being my best friend for these 5 years.


“Quatre” means “four”. It’s been 4 years I’m writing all of my thoughts and ,sometimes, some craps here. Thanks so much for you who spend your times reading my blog or those of you who accidentally stranded in this blog because of googling some particular keywords. Thanks. I really appreciate that.

I remember, the first post in this blog was dated in October 28th, 2008. I was still in my second year of college back then. And now here I am, already done with my Master’s. Thank God! Time runs so fast, doesn’t it? This blog, more or less, has successfully documented some important moments in my life. I’m so lucky to have this “home” in the cyber world, where I can (responsibly) write anything. Why I write the word “responsibly” in the bracket? The reason is, because anyone can read my blog. Yes, this is my blog, but I must always make sure that anything that I write here will not offend anybody. We call it blogging etiquette. ๐Ÿ™‚

I know that nowadays I write less than before. I’m sorry. Practically, I don’t have much activities right now. Therefore, I find it’s really hard to find an idea on what to write to update this blog. lol. Apologize to you all, readers.

Once again, thanks for reading my blog all these years. More stories later.

Take care ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s Been 3 Years! Yeay!

Saya baru sadar ternyata tanggal 28 Oktober adalah hari ulang tahun blog “La Vie est Belle”. Udah 3 tahun aja saya cuap-cuap di sini. Haha..semoga gak pada bosan ya baca tulisan-tulisan saya yang kadang (atau sering) gak jelas. Terima kasih buat kalian yang rutin baca blog saya ataupun kalian yang memilih untuk jadi silent reader blog ini. Apalagi buat teman-teman yang sudah mulai baca blog saya dari jaman dulu pertama kali ngeblog di Blogger tahun 2007. The time when I was writing some craps, tapi kalian tetap rela ngebaca dan kasih komen. Makasih banyak ya.

Jujur ya, saya tidak pernah menyangka bahwa blog ini bisa berperan penting dalam hidup saya. Dulu, saya pikir blog hanyalah sarana untuk curhat. Tapi, sekarang kadang saya menengok posting blog dari beberapa tahun yang lalu dan senyum-senyum sendiri membacanya. Saya seakan bisa melihat transformasi dari pribadi saya. It’s amazing knowing how this blog impact my life.

Selain itu, blog ini bisa bikin saya selalu bersyukur terhadap hidup saya. Selalu ada keajaiban-keajaiban kecil yang terjadi dan itu bisa terlihat dari sebagian posting yang ada di blog ini. Wow, ย God has done lots of amazing things to me.

Mungkin kalian merasa bahwa di hampir setiap posting blog, saya tidak menulis kalimat dengan struktur yang benar. Saya juga kadang ngerasa kok. Tapi, ya beginilah saya. I write in my own way. Saya bukan penulis, makanya gaya nulis saya berantakan. Saya cuma ingin menulis, karena saya butuh ini untuk tracking segala hal yang saya alami. Saya percaya bahwa semua kejadian di dalam hidup itu menarik untuk diceritakan, apapun itu, baik ataupun buruk. Because there’s always a reason behind everything.

Once again, terima kasih banyak buat kalian para pembaca yang sudah meluangkan waktu main-main ke blog saya, baik disengaja ataupun tidak sengaja akibat digiring oleh Google. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry ya kalau tulisan di blog saya bahasanya suka campur-campur. Hehe.

This is my home in the cyber world. I will always write here to documenting my life. Feel free to come to my home, writing some comments, or just read the posts.

Thanks. Enjoy your day, mates! ย Happy Weekend! ๐Ÿ˜€