Bucket List

My bucket list, shown in a random order :

Studying abroad – UK (2011-2012); Germany (2017-(hopefully) 2020)

Having a career in science 

Getting a PhD in autoimmune disease therapy

Becoming a Professor in medical sciences

Getting my first (real) salary and treat my family with that money

Discovering something that has a huge impact in cancer and/or autoimmune diseases research

Having my works presented in international forums – September 2012 (European Conference in Immunology, Glasgow Scotland)

Having my works published in Nature’s journal, as the first author

Mastering 5 foreign languages – so far : English; French; German (in progress)

Seeing the Northern Lights

Exploring Indonesia

Visiting Jerusalem – December 2016 (thanks to the Parents)

Visiting every country in Europe – ongoing

Visiting South Africa

Visiting India

Visiting USA

Celebrating christmas eve in Vatican – 2012; 2014

Traveling as a backpacker

Getting married, have a kid

Honeymoon in Paris. Kissing, with the background of Eiffel Tower at night. (so cliche, I know)

Still related to honeymoon : buying 2 eurail passes, hop on and off the train as we want, traveling around Europe with my future life partner. (please make this real! hahaha!)

Having my own piano recital

Making my parents proud of me – ongoing

Live in whatever country in Europe – Newcastle, UK (2011-2012); Köln, Germany (June 2017 – September 2017), Essen, Germany (October 2017 – present)

Having a happy life – ongoing


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