Why I Chose To Study Autoimmune Hyperthyroidism?

I realize that I have never shared, in all of my online platforms, the reason why I chose autoimmune hyperthyroidism as my PhD research topic. This was also probably one of the reasons why it took me so many years until I had that opportunity to continue my further education.

My curiosity on the topic of immunology started to develop when I was a microbiology undergraduate student. After I graduated from the University, I went to UK to continue my Master in Immunobiology. Before obtaining my master degree, I was given a short research project related to an autoimmune disease called systemic sclerosis. While doing this project, I learned that there are many kinds of autoimmune diseases infecting people in the whole world. These diseases are the result of many complicated signaling pathways inside your cells. To make things worse, there are no treatments available to cure autoimmune diseases. Since most of these diseases are genetically inherited, there are technically no way to avoid it once you know that it is in your gene. The relatively good news is, these are not deadly diseases as long as they are detected earlier.

The reason why I wanted to study autoimmune hyperthyroidism was somehow personal. Some of my family members have been diagnosed with Graves disease. In Indonesia, mostly people say hyperthyroid -without specifying whether it is the autoimmune or just hyperthyroid (goiter). Since I have it in my gene, I know that sooner or later I will have this disease as well. At least, because I have more knowledge about this disease hopefully I can manage it one day.

Graves disease can lead to some complications. In my project, I specifically study one of these complications in the eye called orbitopathy. It has been widely known that the main feature of Graves disease patients is high level of thyroid hormone or what we know as hyperthyrodism. Unfortunately, how this high level of thyroid hormone affect the orbitopathy is not known. That is why I am studying this complicated things.

So if you are wondering what I am doing here in Germany for these past three years, I have been playing with the thyoid hormone.

If anyone of you also happen to work in the field of autoimmune hyperthyroidism , feel free to approach me. I am open for in-depth discussions.

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