Slowing Down

Today marks the end of the third week since Angela Merkel made the speech, aired on the German national television, asking all citizens to stay at home until at least April 19th, 2020 — end of Easter holiday. Until today, the number of people infected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Germany is still increasing. There is no sign of the curve being flatten and declining. I am currently at this point where I do not want to switch on the television anymore, because all I hear are bad news.

For this past 3 weeks, we are only allowed to leave our houses for urgent matters, such as doing grocery shopping, going to the pharmacy, and/or going to work if necessary.

I cannot totally stay at home during this period, as I need to maintain my samples. My apartment also located in the hospital area, so there is a big possibility for me to be exposed by the virus everytime I leave my apartment. I understand that I have to be extra careful.

Going back to a few months ago, I did not expect that this tiny virus which is similar to the virus which cause common flu can cause a global pandemic. I remember, at that time I told everyone I know not to be too worried about the virus and just apply a healthy lifestyle. Then, suddenly every country in the world has the same problem.

For those of you–including me– who used to complain because you need to go out meeting people, now you are forced to spend the whole time by yourself. To be honest, now I really appreciate the time when I can go out, even just for doing grocery or taking a little walk around my neighborhood. Normally, I don’t like to go for a walk.

Social distancing has also made me more productive. As a PhD student, nothing else I can do at home other than analysing my results and start writing my thesis. During these days, surprisingly I manage to write a lot.

On the other note, I develop a new hobby. Nowadays, I enjoy cooking. Only for simple dishes, but for someone who ten years ago was only able to cook water, this is a big milestone.

Hopefully the situation will get better soon, and we can hug our loved ones again. I promise, after all of this come to an end, I will more appreciate the moments that I can spend being outside, interacting with people.

Stay healthy!

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