Don’t Be Too Busy

Before you read this post, better you take a look at Laura Vanderkam’s Talk on TED, above.

I believe, at least once in your life, you have ever rejected someone’s invitation and took your tight schedule as your excuse. Well, in my case it’s not only once but probably hundreds. Therefore, the first time I watched this talk, it was like punching me right on my face.

Let’s do a little bit of calculation. Most of us work from Monday to Friday 8AM-5PM and spend 4 hours in average to commute between home and office. So, roughly we spend 13 hours for work-related stuffs. One day, consist of 24 hours and as normal adult we need around 5-6 hours for sleep. That makes we actually have 5 hours free time a day. Assuming we don’t work on the weekends, then we have additional 48 hours free time. So, in total we have 73 hours of free time in a week.

And  yet we still say that we don’t have time to meet an old friend, we don’t have time to go to the church with our family, we don’t have time to do voluntary works, etc. That’s just nonsense. Just like Ms. Vanderkam’s said in that video : “saying you don’t have time  for something means that it’s not your priority”

However, I’ll bring you to this kind of situation. Let’s say you have such a busy schedule, but suddenly your crush contact you asking to go out tonight. If that happens to me, I would set aside all of my schedule and just go out with my crush after office hours. See? It’s about priority. The question is : can we treat all of the people like we treat our crush? 😉

How do I solve this “I’m too busy I don’t have time” problem? Ever since I have a full time job, I have been such a busy urban city young woman. My parents said so! I almost never be at home on Saturdays. The same situation applies to most of my friends, though. Usually we plan our hangout sessions a couple of months prior, so on the assigned date none of us have excuses (well, except if there’s a sudden call from work. duh!). That’s the only win-win solution for me not to loose connection with my friends.

I also make a personal commitment to dedicate one day in a week, which is Sunday, for church-related activities. I mostly reject any invitations, including hangout sessions with friends, on Sundays. When do I spend time with my family? Everyday after office hours and on Saturday nights (since I’m still single, so I spend Saturday nights with them. lol).

Another commitment that I make with myself : not bringing home work-related stuffs. That means I must maximise my 9 hours at work. Although I failed in this, sometimes and end up bringing office laptop home over the weekend.

Sometimes people say they don’t have time to read and catch up with the current issues because they are too busy. Well, to be honest, nowadays I don’t read as many books as when I was still a jobless. But I still manage to read at least one book in one month ( for a person who used to read tons of books in a month, this is so lame!). I always carry a book in my handbag and read during my commuting time. Regarding catching up with the current issues, I listen to the radio every morning and also scrolling the social media timeline so I always keep updating myself.

And yeah one more thing. How can I find time to update my blog? I realise that now I’m not updating my blog as often as before. Well, I try to update this blog with new content each week, though. And hey, let me tell you, suddenly I got a brilliant idea couple of weeks ago. I listed down some topics that I can use to update my blog. This is nice. 🙂

To sum up this post, we have 73 hours of free time in a week. Saying that we don’t have time is just not acceptable. We surely have time to have a cup of coffee with our inner circles. We surely have time to have lunch with our parents. And for singles, you DEFINITELY have ENOUGH time to actually go out and mingle! (talk to the mirror, La!)

Once again, it’s all about setting up your priority. 🙂

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