My Thought On Waiting for Someone

People say I’m stupid that I’m waiting for someone in uncertainty. Yes, love apparently has a great effect on someone. It can instantly make someone dumb.

However, if I do a little bit of flashback, then I realise that actually I have quite many reasons to wait for him. Who was the person constantly texting me and commenting on my social media status when I was studying abroad? Who was the person coming to my house less than 24 hours after I landed in Jakarta? Who  was the person attending my concert after long hours of night shift? Who was the person encouraging me to pursue my big dream? The answer is : him.

Despite another fact that (well, I can’t determine the validity, though since I heard about this from my friends) he’s been following me since forever without me knowing about that. Yea, I sounded so dumb back then, right?

Long story short, he’s got accepted to this particular program that make him  currently extremely busy 24/7. And that probably will continue until a couple of years (well, 5 years to be exact) from now. Therefore, we rarely communicate now, and I’m always the one who make efforts. Honestly it becomes a one-way communication somehow right now. Then, another person came bringing what he can’t give to me right now.

I usually take a moment of silence between me and myself, whenever I need to make a big decision in my life. It’s been a while since I did that. A couple of days ago, I took a moment of silence asking myself : “what do I want in my life? do I need a man who already have everything? or do I need a man who is willing to struggle for our dreams, climbing the stairs towards our success together?”

The answer is the second one. And so, I choose to wait for him. Don’t ask me why. Cause, despite the reasons I mentioned above,  I don’t have another reason why I choose to wait in uncertainty. My gut feeling said so. 🙂

For those friends who said that I’m stupid, I don’t care. I’m currently enjoying this stupidity.

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