I’m Longing for Blogging Routinely

In these days, somehow I wonder why I do not have much ideas to be shared on my blog. I used to routinely write here during my uni years. Writing about my days, writing about my fears of future, writing about my crushes, giving my opinions about some current events.

My daily activities have been quite the same since 2.5 years ago, so it’s not so interesting to write about my days now. lol. I don’t know why but I’m not really afraid anymore about my future. My life is quite settled now (for a single woman living in J-town). I am not looking for crushes anymore, but looking for the real one and it’s been the same person since late last year. So yeah just hoping for the best on this one. And last thing, it’s my bad,  it’s been quite a while I don’t really catch up with the latest news happening here, so I can’t give my opinion. The guy always remind me that I need to follow the news. (but I always have excuses. ;))

Indeed, I miss interacting with other bloggers. Things that I did years ago when I found some friends through this blog. I believe those friends are not actively blogging anymore these days, as we already grown up and some of them getting married and busy with their new lives.

I’ve been struggling towards a big goal in my life, though. I’ve received a pretty unexpected good news earlier this year. Hopefully another good news, that will fix everything, comes end of this year the latest. Definitely will share on this blog when the good news come! God really involve in this process, I believe.

I also feel the support from my family and my closest circle of friends these past few months. It’s amazing how they’re always there when I need moments to discuss about some big decisions that I must make.

Also, the guy. The one who pushed me to revive my all-time big dream that have been long buried, because of those rejections I got in the last years. Sparing couple of hours in between his busy schedule (he’s even working on weekends. crazy!) to motivate me. I wonder what kind of person he is, who believe in me more than I believe in myself.

But at the end, God is the one who will decided everything. One thing that  I believe, if I’m struggling for a good cause, He will definitely make a way. Whatever it is.

Though I’m not routinely blogging now, but I’ll always be around-blogwalking-once a week at least. 🙂

Happy weekend!

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