Be Careful With What You Wish For

Be careful with what you wish for

As a kid, I was a fan of fairytale stories and in one of the stories that I read (I forgot exactly which story it was), I found the quote above. Be careful with what you wish for. As I grew older, I realised that God is always secretly listen to your words. One time, you wish not to be put in a certain kind of situation, but then somehow you are trapped in that situation. Then you protest to God, without knowing that He put you in that situation so that you can learn to be a strong individual.

Another time, you wish to be separated from a particular person who hurt you in the past. But then, this person is always stay in your radar. Maybe this person is destined to be with you. The second reason, maybe God wants you to have a big heart to face this person every single day. (the second reason is applicable for my case. lol)

As an early adult, when I was started thinking about marriage (I’m still single, though. lol), I wished I will not end up with a man who have this particular occupation. I always told my friends : “’s impossible for me to get along with a guy who have that kind of occupation” I did not realise back then, God might hear my words. Last year, a guy with that particular occupation, approached me. Suddenly my memory went back to few years earlier. He has that kind of occupation. So what? He has faith in God. He’s not afraid of my dreams. He comforts me. He turns me into the happiest girl on earth whenever I’m with him. I actually have contemplated and asked myself over and over again : “So, what’s the problem? He has everything you’re looking for in a guy”

And so I decide to stay in this situation.We’re officially still friends. Now. I don’t know what will happen next week or next month. lol.

Some of my friends call this a “karma”, but I call this “God’s will”.

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