What’s In A Person?

For all these years, I have always judged people, especially guys, based on their intellectuals. In my opinion, smart is the new handsome. lol. Also when it comes to me judging other fellow women out there, “SMART” is always be on the top of my list. It just brings annoyance to me whenever I see dumb beautiful women. Okay, maybe men think “well at least she’s beautiful”. Hello?

However, lately I think there is one other quality that is as essential as smart. Empathy. I realised that not every smart people has empathies to their surroundings. Being empathetic to others is actually simple. But not everyone can do it. Greeting your colleagues every morning, always put smiles on your face, not talking bad about others, and volunteering for misfortune people out there are just some of the least we can do.

I have just actually being “reminded” about this. I am a kind of people who is a little bit selfish. And I know something’s wrong with me if I still keep this characteristic on myself. Even some of my friends already labeled me with this ‘bodo-amat‘ type of person. Yes, I must change.

The combination of smart and empathetic will shape a great person. Just one reminder, don’t change yourself for the purpose to be adored by others. But change for the better you. And yes I think I would fall for a smart empathetic guy. Because handsome is just a bonus. Same goes to men, fall for smart empathetic women. Because beauty is just a bonus. And every smart empathetic women has the most inner beauty. 🙂

Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another


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