If Only

If only I didn’t follow my mom’s suggestion to apply for a job on that day in February 2014, I wonder what would I’ve been doing today. I might still stuck applying for a PhD, I might already somewhere pursuing my PhD, or I might be working somewhere.

If only I gave up after I faced my first challenge at my workplace, I wouldn’t be in a position like who I am today. Well, it’s not like I’m getting promoted to be the Head of something. I’m being given a chance to have my professional capacity grow towards the next level. And I’m so grateful for this.

If only I chose not to get close to him and finally fell in love with him, I wouldn’t know how hurt it is to be fall out of love with someone.

Life always lead us to loads of chances. Chances to get a job, chances to take a challenge, and chances to be in love. It’s totally up to us, whether to take those chances or not.

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