Why I Choose Science Over Music

I wanted to write about this since a long time ago, but this topic was always beaten up by my other ‘impulsive’ ideas. I guess, now is the right time to talk about this.

I’ve known music since forever, maybe since I was still inside my mom’s womb. lol. My mom, herself, is not really into music but my dad is definitely a music lover. My parents introduced me to music instruments as early as 3 years old. So, I started to learn about various musical instruments until I decided to learn piano seriously. My parents also did the same thing to my two younger brothers, but unfortunately they didn’t seem to have interest in spending their times doing such musical training. They prefer to appreciate music in their own way. Both my brothers were joining a band a couple of years ago. But, anyway, I’m so grateful that my home is always full of music.

Why I didn’t pursue music in the first place? I have ever wanted to formally take Music as my major in college. But, after discussing with my parents and so many other considerations, I finally chose not to pursue Music formally. Let music just stay there as a hobby. Music is my passion, but science is my first love.

How I ended up in science is actually a funny story. It was not funny at all, back then. But now, as I reflected on what happened that time, it feels funny though. Even until I was in high school, I never thought to spend the rest of my life having a career in science. I always wanted to be an Engineer, like my dad. Even though I really struggled on Physics and Maths. Haha. That time, when I was in high school, I admired my Dad so much. Well, now I still do. Long story short, I finally had to admit that I didn’t have capacities to pursue any Engineering-related major. But, I wanted to study in ITB because I wanted to join ITB student choir. Hahahaha….now you know what was my initial motivation to become an ITB student, right? I really didn’t care that ITB is one of the best colleges in my country. 😉 I chose Microbiology as my major in college just for the sake of curiosity. I know, it was a very risky decision of mine. And my parents let me choose whatever major that I want, with only one condition. I must be responsible with my own choice. So, I must finish the whole four years of my bachelor degree. No matter what. Starting at that time, my love for science grew. I still continue my piano training while completing my bachelor degree. When I did my master degree, honestly I abandoned my piano training for a year. I felt something missing in my life, really.

Currently I pursue a professional career in science and academic. Something that I never imagined when I was in high school. I still continue my piano training. I’m not a professional pianist. I consider myself a hobby-pianist. But, what I realize now is that I made the right choice!

Music is always be my escape whenever I’m “bored” with science stuffs. Imagine if I made a decision to pursue my career in music, I wouldn’t have any escape to refresh myself whenever I’m bored with music. Right?

Music is my sanity

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