Office Romance, Yeay or Nay?

I believe most of my friends who are within the similar age range with me (twenty-something years old) are urban professionals who commute to their workplaces on weekdays. We can’t deny that we spend most of our times in the office. Hence, the occurrence of office romance is quite unavoidable.

Let’s just say that generally we have 9 to 5 working hours (well, 8 to 5 in my case, though), we meet and interacting with quite the same people every day, we have lunch with the same people. So, I think it’s normal to develop some unusual “sparks” with one of your co-workers. However, unfortunately some companies (mostly government-owned ones) have special policy regarding office romance. Even some of those companies do not allowed a couple to work in the same company. Yeah, that’s the consequences when we live in a society where there is only a thin line in between professional and personal lives. Sad.

So, what do you think? Personally, I’m neutral towards this. When two people really fall in love with each other, it doesn’t matter whether they work in the same place or not. If the office policy doesn’t allow that thing to happen, I’m pretty sure they can solve the problem by themselves. Why? They say that they’re really fall in love with each other, right? Remember the word “sacrifice’? Hehe. You must be willing to sacrifice your ego when it comes to save your other half, right?

Yeay or nay?

As long as that romance doesn’t disrupt the work performance, I think it should be okay. 😀

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