(not) love at the first sight (anymore)

Maybe for teenagers that kind of thing called ‘love at the first sight’ between two individuals seems the cutest thing that could happen in someone’s life. But as people getting older and as they getting mature, there is no such thing as love at the first sight.

For adults, falling in love is a process. It is not an instant occasion. Therefore, it needs time. When I was in college, I could easily have crushes with some guys. I adored a guy and then ‘fell in love’ with him just because he was so kind. Only to found out later on that he is actually kind to every girl he met. Haha. Yeah, i was that silly back then.

Now, years later, I am really careful when it comes to this lovey dovey thing. It is better to start with a friendship  rather than rushing into an unstable relationship. The goal when two souls fall in love is not only a relationship, but more than that, a long-lasting relationship a.k.a a wonderful marriage journey. And taking a ‘just’ relationship into the next level is definitely not as easy as turning your palms. Sometimes it needs sacrifices.

As for myself, I am now having a kind of ‘chemistry’ with a guy. I realised that after spending some times with him having chit-chat and so on. But to take this to the next level, I think only God knows when is the right time. What I believe is that He makes two souls meet with each other at the right time. And His time is always perfect, for sure.

Adult love are sometimes a bit complicated and full of considerations. Adult love always requires both parties to sacrifice their own egos. That’s what make a strong and long-lasting relationship.

So, no, there ain’t love at the first sight. Love grows through exchanging acts of kindness between two souls who are destined to be together. And these acts of kindness are surely more than just the word ‘I love you’.

A mature relationship does not need to be legitimated by the word ‘I love you’ but instead by lovingly gaze at your significant other’s eyes and holding your significant other’s hand assuring her that you will always be there  forever for her no matter what.

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