I know I am not the busiest person in the world. But I have been busier than usual in this past one month.  My job has been tougher because I was being assigned to realise a quite challenging project. It was a burden for me at the beginning, but now I enjoy it. This could be my once in a lifetime chance to show my capacity and this certainly will be beneficial for my resume. So guys, yes this is my main reason abandoning this blog for a while.

I have so many ideas on various topics that I want to write here on my blog but again, I am most likely already wasted whenever I got home from work every day. But anyways, I am still blog-hopping occasionally, though. It is fun to read your stories. Somehow I envy those people who can still cope up with their blog-writing pace whilst they are busy with their professional works.

I know, busy is just my excuse for not updating this blog. lol. It is just a matter of time management, actually. Well, hopefully more stories will appear in this blog just like the old days when I could routinely updating this blog’s content.

See you when I see you. Happy weekend, good people! 🙂

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