My Parents, My Career Coaches

I consider myself lucky because I have a very cool parents. Both my mom and dad are more like best friends for me rather than parents. They are my best supporters, my discussion partners, my fashion stylist (my mom, to be exact), and my love guru. Yes, an all in one package. This is one of the benefits when you are close with your parents. 🙂 🙂

Right after I started my full-time job in my current place, they have one more role in my life. Career Coaches. You know, nowadays people must pay to attend seminars about how to improve their performances in their workplace. Well, I can get it for free at anytime. All I need is just knock on my parents’ bedroom, sitting on their bed and start to tell about things that bothering me in the office. And they always give me the best advice.

I’m not a kind of people who like to whine about my job to strangers. I never complain about my job, in any ways, throughout social media. That’s like the basic principle of my professional life. I only share my working problems with my closest colleagues in the office and with my parents.

I’m very grateful that both of my parents are full-time professionals. Since I was a kid, I’ve used to have limited time to meet my parents during the weekdays, because they have 9-5 jobs. My mom almost never came to parents gathering back then when I was in school. Because she has a job. It was weird for me looking at my friends moms who had plenty of time chit-chatting with others. What a waste of time! Haha.

I have accustomed to see my parents being busy with their works. So when later on I grew up, my mind automatically “told” me to follow my parents’ path. Get academic qualification as high as possible, find a good job that give good earnings, start a family, success in career and family.

These are some career-related advices that my parents always told me over and over again. Perhaps these might be useful for you, who are currently still building your career like me :

  • Never say “no” when your boss assigns you to do a certain task. No matter how hard it is.
  • Don’t complain about your salary, if your company gives you chances to grow your network and gives you spaces to improve your performances. On the other hand, you must complain if the company gives you high salary but you do not have chances to grow and expand your network.
  • Talk only when you’re asked to
  • Do each of your task with love
  • Stay humble and hungry to learn
  • Always have a multi-perspective way of thinking. Put your shoes on other people’s shoes.
  • When you move to a new workplace, never ever talk bad things about your previous company. Your attitude towards this matter will show your real quality as a person.

Misunderstandings, miscommunications, having different opinions. Those are normal things that happen in professional working life. I have experienced those kind of problems. Most of the times I am okay with that, can find ways to solve the problems by myself,  and take whatever experience as lessons for me to learned. But sometimes there are problems that stroked me quite hard until I need to talk to my parents. They always start their career coaching with this question : “if you’re in their position and must face this kind of situation, what would you do?” That question will most probably lead to a very long discussion. Haha. And it always end up with me saying : “okay, I need to change my perspective, then”.

I practice what my parents told me in the office and I feel that I am now different if compared to almost one year ago when I just started this job. My boss also once told me that I can adapt very well with every changes that happen in the office. Yes, boss. I have these two amazing people behind me who have started mentoring me about working life long before I had a real full-time job. 🙂

To finish this post, I will give you this quote that my dad once told me

“If you perform well in a company that can provide you with everything you need, that’s normal. But if you are placed in a company where you are surrounded by negative people, and yet you can still survive and become the outstanding one among others, that’s what we call extraordinary”






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