When God says : “Wait!”

I met this guy a couple of months ago (I won’t specify the place I met him, because it would be too obvious). That was not a kind of “love at the first sight” thing. It took me around a month to realise that I got a little bit attracted to him. And few days after that, I found out that we have different faith. (Oh man, again?!?)

I had to admit that physically and personally, he’s my kind of guy. That basic aspect that I wonder why I didn’t notice the first time I met him. We started to talk and at one point I felt comfortable to share my personal stuffs with him and the same goes with him. He was the first person who ever questioned my dreams. He gave his perspective regarding that. And strangely, it made me re-think about my plans  in life. He talks about his dreams, as well. What I can conclude from our conversations is that, he has a very noble mission in his life. I believe, it’s getting harder to find young people nowadays like him. When I told him my opinions about certain things, he always has his own perspectives that (mostly) in contrast with mine. And it always lead into other interesting discussions.

Long story short, there is another thing that really made us can’t be together. I don’t want to specify it here. Actually I supposed to just give up anyway when I found out that we have different faith. A relationship is like a ship, can’t be handled by 2 captains. So, picturing us to be together is quite impossible. I was just being too confident that there would be a way. While there was not!

I thought meeting him was a fate. He was just come to my life like that, and suddenly there was a ‘click’ between us. For an introvert person like me, who find it hard to get close to new people, that was kinda strange.

For some people, maybe it’s easy to start a romantic relationship. But for me, unfortunately it’s not that easy. And I don’t really know the reason. Maybe I’m just too independent and guys want to get close to me because they think I can be their friend and I can (sort of) “understand” their “language”. Not getting close in a romantic way. Sometimes I feel a little bit devastated, honestly.

It was around a week ago, when my friend sent me a video. In that video, a Christian preacher talked about finding your other half. He said : “If you’re a Christian, if you believe in God, don’t worry about your other half. HE will find the perfect one for you. Your task in life is to work, improve your quality as a person, and pray. You need to realise that God is currently preparing you for that perfect person. And HE is also doing the same thing to your (future) other half. You never know, your other half could be the one who has been so familiar to you. Or he might be someone whom you have never met before. God will make both of you meet when both of you are ready. And regarding relationship, it is not the quantity. It’s about the quality. You don’t need to have countless relationship before you get married. Maybe up until today you’ve never been in any relationships, but one day you will have your first and last relationship. And that will be with the man whom God has prepared for you (maybe ever since you were born)”

My friend gave that video at the right time. It totally changes my perspective towards relationship and marriage. When I was still in early 20s, I set a deadline that I must get married by 25. I’ve passed that deadline, anyway. And now I don’t want to be in a rush anymore. The time will come, for sure.

Now, my job is to improve all aspects of my life so that I will be ready when the right man comes. I believe, God will surely gives me a sign.

I am now a good friend with that guy whom I mentioned in the beginning of this post. It’s not that bad, though. In fact I’m happy because this year, so far, has been a sparkling year for me. lol.

Sometimes we need to let go of things that we can’t control and just move on with our lives. we’re still young. there are so many things ahead of us that worth to be explored. it’s just a pity wasting your time thinking about a guy who’s not even thinking about you. 🙂

Instead, you need to prepare yourself for a guy who (if it is necessary) will sacrifice everything that he has for the sake of being with you. That kind of guy is worth to be struggled for.

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