On A Postponed Dream

Ever since I’m done with Master studies, all I ever wanted is to do a PhD. I put my hard effort in finding and getting a PhD position. I wrote countless of motivation letters and asked for recommendation letters from my previous research supervisors. I did everything for the sake of continuing my studies. But, apparently God wants me to implement my knowledge. I got a full time job now which I enjoy. For once, I trapped in a comfort zone. You know, doing a job I like, getting pay check every month. I forgot my dream for a while. But then this thought came across my mind. Something inside myself reminded me about this postponed big dream. Suddenly I have an abundant desire to go back being a postgrad student.

Unfortunately, I need to wait for a couple more years (hopefully not too long, though). I’m trying to look on the bright side.  With the more time I have ahead of me, I’m sure that I will make a better decision. Actually I was quite unsure about what kind of project that I might do for my future studies. But then, around 2 weeks ago , I had this conversation with my old friends (who also happen to be scientists). That conversation led me to an idea to create a project proposal. And now I’m really on fire to gather some essential informations about this topic. I need to learn about this from scratch, because this is a new thing. Well, this topic has a strong correlation with my education background, but still I need to develop my understanding about that specific topics. 2 years will be more than enough for me to prepare.

The reason why I got a sudden interest in this particular topic is that, I think this kind of thing will be a big trend in Indonesia at least 10 years from now. It’s starting to develop nowadays. All I want is to be a part of this big project and giving my contribution to medical research field in Indonesia. But, still I want to do my PhD abroad. Suddenly I’m thinking of Japan, because this kind of thing was originally started from a research that was being conducted in that country. But Europe sounds nicer. Hahaha…I have to decide!

Who knows by writing this post, someone with a research funding might contact me and ask to join his/her research project. #youwish

So, guys, I haven’t updated my blog for quite a long time not because I intended to disappear from the cyber world. I just have more responsibilities to engage with people in the real world, nowadays. That’s the reason why I cannot update my blog as often as before.

Have a good weekend, good people! See you when I see you 🙂

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