Passion is an intense emotion, compelling enthusiasm or desire of anything.-wikipedia

I’m sure each of us has our own passion. Someone can have a big passion in music, another one can have a passion in literature, etc. However, I’m also pretty sure that not a lot of people follow their passions. Most of them give up because reality is somehow bitter then expectation. They must do whatever job they have with the purpose of getting money to survive. Even though they don’t enjoy their jobs. The consequences? They always complain about their jobs, either with their friends or in social media so the world will know their problems. I mean, if you don’t like your job, rather than complaining about that, you can just resign. But again, it’s not as simple as that.

Me, personally, I’ve just realized that I have a passion in academic stuffs after I took my current job. How can you define whether your job is in line with your passion? It’s easy. If it’s your passion, when you’re doing your job, whenever you’re being given challenges, anytime you’re facing obstacles, you’ll always feel happy. Even, you don’t mind if you have to extend your working hours occasionally. At a certain point, you’ll feel that you’re getting paid for doing something you really love. That’s called passion. And yes, I feel blessed that I don’t need to move between jobs to find the one that suit my passion.

It’s not about money, really. We can find money. But satisfaction is hard to find.

So, have you followed your passion?

It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together


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