Today. Indonesia Votes!

Today marks one of the biggest days in Indonesia’s history. We have, based on the quick count surveys, a new president. This time, the presidential election feels different compared to the previous ones because almost all Indonesians use their privilege to vote (most of them are used to be non-voters). In fact, we should be proud whoever win the election.  There are more and more Indonesians who care about the future of this nation.

Our presidential election has also gained coverage from some international medias. Another thing to be proud of. The international world has admitted that Indonesia is one of the great nations in the world.

Whoever wins this election, we’re counting on you. Please lead us to be a better nation. Please encourage our people to have guts in global competition without forgetting our roots.

Unity in Diversity! “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” above everything. We may have chosen different candidates but we’re all Indonesians.

Welcome, new leader! We’re counting on you.

And last but not least….thanks Mr. SBY for leading this country in the last 10 years.


These are the links of some international medias that write articles about our presidential election :



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