My Life Has Changed In A Good Way

It’s May already and I realize that I wrote only one blog post in the past month. April was really good. It wasn’t that hectic, though but it certainly more busier than March. My job is going beyond great so far. Thank God! I have more time to interact with real people now. So, I think that’s why recently I spend less time in the cyber world. But I still keep myself update by scrolling twitter’s timeline every morning and evening. I also still read some of the blogs that I follow. It’s amazing to know that there are some people who can manage their time in between their work to write blog posts, for example.

I thought my life would change after I get a job. It is! Now I start my days early in the morning because otherwise I will be welcomed by crazy traffic (you know, Jakarta). Then I spend the whole day at work doing the job which I really love, so far. Those are my routines so far. Yes, I don’t have as much time to do meet ups with friends as before. I don’t have much time to procrastinate anymore (which is good!). I can’t travel as often as before (which is quite bad!). Haha. But, hey I’m a working girl now and being paid by doing a job I love. It’s hard to find a job, in Indonesia especially,  that requires you to read scientific journals and textbooks as references. And not so many people want to do that kind of job.  Those are my favorite activities. So basically I don’t feel like working. Honestly. I spend my after-working hours to have small chats with my family. I always have different stories to tell them each day. Those moments are priceless for me.

How about my weekends? I dedicate my weekends to indulge myself doing my hobbies. I read novels, browse through the internet, watching TV series. Nowadays, those simple activities become luxury activities for me since now I can’t do them at anytime. I, sometimes, meet up with friends during weekends as well. It’s funny realizing that our discussion topics have changed so far since few years ago, and that suddenly we can’t deny anymore that we’re a bunch of early adults now. It’s a poor thing actually, we’ve already left our teenage years faraway behind us. But it’s always great to think and talk about our high school and college memories.

People told me that once you get a job, you will have no social life. Well I got different opinion. Once I get a job, it depends on me whether I choose to maintain my social life or not. I choose the first option – maintaining my social life, while also putting my best effort on my job.

That’s all for me. Love your life! Love your family and friends. Choose a job you love and you’ll end up never work the rest of your life.

Happy first of may! Happy short holiday, Indonesian people! 🙂

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