Let’s join Polyglot Indonesia

It is too exaggerating if I call myself a polyglot because based on Wikipedia, the definition of polyglot is a person who is able to speak multiple languages. Currently I can speak two foreign languages, excluding English. It’s up to you then, whether you will call me a polyglot or not. 🙂

Maybe some of you are wondering why I have a special interest in languages. It was all began when I learned French a couple years back. It was a disaster at first, since French language is hard. However, finally I could “master” this language and I even got a certification. Done with French, I started to find another language to learn. I ended up choosing German. Just for your information, I used to underestimate German language and thought that I didn’t need to take a formal course to master this language. Why did I think like that? Because in German language,  there are only slight differences between spoken and written language. But then I decided to take a formal course and found out that German is harder than French. lol. I’ve learned German since last year.

I wrote an article in this blog 4 years ago about the beauty of learning different languages. Maybe you can take a look at that post to read my detailed argumentation of why we should learn as many languages as possible. One important thing that I want to tell you, being able to speak is different language will surely boost up your self confidence. I guarantee this!

So last year I found a community, called Polyglot Indonesia. This is a place for language enthusiasts to meet each other and discuss various issues. They hold a meet-up in every 2 weeks. For me, personally, I find  it really useful to practice my language skills with the fellow language enthusiasts. In every meet up I have attended so far, I always met new people. The event was never disappointing, as well. Honestly, being a part of this community for these past few months and meeting those people with really amazing language skills (some of them are hyperpolyglots!), motivates me to learn more foreign languages. Currently, Polyglot Indonesia has quite a lot of Chapters, other than Jakarta, in various cities in Indonesia, such as Aceh, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, etc. It’s very nice knowing that there are more and more Indonesian people who are open-minded nowadays.

You can always join Polyglot Indonesia. All of the events are always free of charge. As long as you can speak at least 2 foreign languages and want to practice them with others, do not hesitate to register to their events by filling the registration form that you can find on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/polyglotindonesia). Don’t forget to follow their Twitter (@PolyglotIndo), too! 😀

To sum up this post,  I just want to share some of my good experiences related to my foreign languages ability with you guys here. When I was in Paris, I got a discounted metro ticket price just like those Parisians because I talked to the officer in French. They thought I was a student in Paris. While I was not. Haha. When I was in Germany ( I forgot in which city), I didn’t know that I waited for a train at the wrong platform. Then I heard an announcement. In German language, without any English translation. At that time, all I knew about German language was only numbers and very basic conversation. I tried to understand the announcement and finally realized that I was waiting at the wrong platform and rushed to the right platform. Thankfully I didn’t miss the train. It was fun, though.

Yes, learning foreign languages can be suffering at first. But think about what you’ll get when you’re already mastering those languages. You can definitely expand your network by being able to speak in various languages.

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