I’m so speechless reflecting on the moments that are happening to me this past month. You know I’ve never expected before, that I could get a job in academics. I’m only a Master graduate. So, previously when I tried to get a job, I only tried to find jobs in research.

So, one day in mid February my mom read an article in a local magazine. There was a coverage of a recently-established life science institution in Jakarta. My mom urged me to apply. At that time, I was still focusing myself writing PhD applications without any certainties whether I’ll get a position or not. Mom kept urging me. The next day, finally I sent my job application. It was a Wednesday morning. I remember, I was on my way to take my piano lesson when I got a phone call from that institution asking me if I’m available to be interviewed on the following week. I told them that I would be available, but I was shocked, of course. I didn’t expect to be contacted that soon. Moreover, I planned to spend that whole weekend in Brisbane, helping my little brother got settled. I totally didn’t enjoy my time in Brisbane, since I got to catch up with some updates in my research field. During the whole “holiday”, all I did was browsing the internet, gathering some informations. Hahaha. Then my interview day came. I was asked to perform a micro-teaching. I’ve never done that kind of thing before. Even I really didn’t have any idea what’s the difference between micro-teaching and the usual presentation. I just tried to do the best I could on that day and I didn’t expect too much. Learning from my previous experience, I am now trying not to put my expectation too high. It doesn’t mean that I’m now a pessimistic person. I’m still an optimistic person, but I try to be more realistic.

Two days after the first interview, I got another phone call asking me to do another interview. There was still no big hope in my heart. When I was being interviewed for the second time, I got a feeling that I would get this job. But, still I told myself to just “wait and see”. A day after that, I was being offered a position in that institution. I couldn’t describe my feeling at that moment. God always have mysterious ways to tell me that everything’s going to be okay. Throughout all of the failures that I faced last year, apparently HE wants to teach me to be a much tougher person. Yes, I’ve learned that the reality, most of the times is way different with my expectation. But I feel that this reality I’m facing now is much better than my expectation.

I thank God, on the first place, to make such miracle happens. Then, I have to thank my parents. I’ll never ever forget to tell the world that I have a great parents. They always give full supports whether I want to continue with my study or I decide to work, as long as I’m happy with my choice. They were the first people with whom I shared this happy news. They told me that they will always forever support me with prayers. So, now you know,  why I’m growing up into a person like who I am right now? I have two great people who raised me with their whole hearts. 🙂

It’s been a week I’m working in this new place and so far I really enjoy my works and my environment. I believe, this is the start of something wonderful.

I don’t know why, but now I feel relieved. It doesn’t really matter anymore, though I need to postpone my plan to do a PhD. I got my dream job, already. It’s really beyond my expectation. I used to expect getting this kind of job when I’m already thirty-something years old. This job might require me to based my life in Indonesia for my whole life, but suddenly I feel OK with that. I used to have this ambition to spend my life abroad, getting settled in Europe, etc. I’m sure, though, I will travel a lot. By taking this job, I’m sure that I can still see the world while I will always have a place to go back home.

I’m so grateful. Thanks be to God.

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