Another Twenty-Something

My birthday was 2 days ago. I’m getting older. I was pretty busy on the day of my birthday, not because I was preparing for the party but I was busy preparing some ppt slides for a presentation on the next day. I am so thankful because as my birthday was approaching, there were some opportunities coming.

This year I celebrated my birthday at home, together with my family (minus my so sad!). There were no presents and fancy stuffs. There were only a birthday cake and togetherness between us. I feel blessed. As usual, I made some wishes on my birthday. My biggest wish is of course related to my study, although I am currently not pushing myself too hard anymore towards this stuff. If it is meant to be, it will happen. Another wish? Maybe, I wish that I will find a partner this year. Hopefully.

I remember when I was still a teenager, I could not wait to enter adulthood. When finally I entered adulthood, I was shocked at first. Too many responsibilities as an adult. But later on, I started to enjoy this new phase in my life. One of the joys of being adult is when my parents started to consider my opinions. Being an adult also means that I got a permission to study abroad.

I am so grateful that in this quite young age, I have already been given opportunity to see at least one-third part of the world. I am thankful because I also have achieved some of my big dreams. There are still a lot more dreams to be pursued, indeed. 🙂

Being an adult does not mean that I have to lose my childish side. I will not force myself to be mature anymore. I am just hoping that I can adjust myself better in the society. There is always a soul of a kid hidden in an adult, right?

And one more thing. Some of my friends, who are in the same age as me, are already married and have kids. How about me? This is my answer : as I am getting older, I do not want to rush to get married. There are lots of things to be considered before entering a marriage. So, in my opinion, there is no correlations between age and marriage. There is no obligation for someone who already reach a certain age to get married.

Thank you for my friends who sent personal messages on my birthday. It means a lot for me that you guys still remembering my special day. 🙂

Hello another twenty-something years old. I hope great things will come along!

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