Jakarta is Flooding

“I’ve got to go away, but baby it’s cold outside”

Remember that song? It’s literary cold here these days. Well, not THAT cold, though. The daily average temperature is 20-25 degree Celcius. Jakarta, the city where I am currently residing -slash-my hometown is flooding due to the endless rain since around a week ago. I am very lucky because I live in a relatively ‘high-land’ area. Me and my family are safe from flood, thankfully. However, most of the access roads to and from my house are blocked by the flood. So we have to really calculate the time that we need to reach somewhere. On a normal days, Jakarta’s traffic is already crazy. With the floods coming, you can just double the craziness. Follow what I mean?

Flood is becoming an annual issue in my hometown. An unsolved annual issue, to be exact. Right now, all of the so called environmentalists start to talk about their opinion and solutions to solve the flood. They say, the main problem behind this annual catastrophe are bad environment management, lack of places for water absorption, etc. And then they start to blame the government. It’s like the government are always the one to be blamed. Hmm. For most other cases, maybe yes. But for this flood case? Dear Jakartans, are you sure you’re not contributing yourself, even a little, to make this flood become an annual event in our lovely city?

It is easy for me to find out people throwing rubbish on the street. They do it by opening up their car’s (usually the fancy ones) window, and plup, they throw the rubbish. Oh come on! Can’t you afford to buy a little dustbin to be put in your car, people? This is 2014! Throwing rubbish on the street is so last decade.

Talking about water absorption, there are still some people who prefer to live on the side of the river even though the local government have already asked them to relocate and even, as far as I know, the local government has already prepared new places for them. I know it is not easy for them to relocate. But, I cannot understand if they feel more comfortable by living on the side of the river and facing themselves routinely with floods. There is an area on the side of the river so that if there is a heavy rain and the river cannot accommodate the water, it will stay on the side of the river and will not flooding the housing area. But nowadays, side of the river acts as housing area as well. Can you imagine that?

And then, do not complain about the flood if every day there still can be found a new construction being built in this city. More constructions, less green spaces, means more flood in the future. Just think about this.

I’m not an environmentalist. I’m writing this as a Jakarta citizen who is already bored with the same problem that my city faces every year. We cannot avoid the rainy season, but we can change our behavior for the sake of our environment.

This flood is a reflection of Jakarta people’s behavior. Complaining will not solve the problem. 🙂


ps: Just for your information (especially for those of you who are living in another countries and curious about the situation here), the flooding is not only happen in Jakarta, but also in other parts of Indonesia, such as Manado-the bad one, lots of victims (North Sulawesi) and some areas in West Java (Indramayu, Pamanukan, etc). But most of the media only expose Jakarta’s flood.

pss: Apparently, it’s not only us in Indonesia who are facing an environment catastrophe right now. My thought goes to my fellows in the USA who are currently facing the winter storm. Hope all of you are alright in there! The earth is now asking for our attention, guys!

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