Bali : Still My Land of Paradise

Everyone must have known pretty well about Bali. Western people know Bali better than, say, Jakarta. In the middle of December, my Mom needed a short escape from her tight schedules and I was also very stressed with my university applications. It was our impulsive decision to take a weekend getaway to Bali. Only me and mom. She asked me to find affordable flight tickets, and lucky us that we found the flight with a very good price. Then, off we went to Bali!

It’s been my first time in four years to visit Bali. The last time I visited Bali was with my college friends, during our ‘Microbiology Field Trip’. So I was very excited this time. I’d like to play at Bali’s new beaches. That was my mission. On the first day, we went to Ubud which is located around two hours journey from Denpasar. I’ve never been to Ubud before, because based on what I’ve heard, we can’t find anything in Ubud other than rice fields. Yes that’s true, though. We had our lunch in one of the restaurants that serve friend duck in Ubud. It’s hard to decide which restaurant is the best because they’re all serving the same kind of foods, which is duck. Yeah, duck will always taste like duck of course. To be honest with you, the view in there was amazing although the foods tasted just average.

Ubud, Bali

Ubud, Bali

There’s a new tourist attraction in Ubud. It’s called ‘Bali Bird Park’. I’m not really sure, though, if this is a brand new one, or they have just renovated it. Just for your information, they charge different kind of prices for the entrance ticket. Domestic tourists must pay around IDR 90K and foreign tourists around USD 40. Hmm..what can I say about this bird park? It didn’t impress me that much. However, foreign tourists seem really enjoying their time playing with birds in there. Yeah, maybe it’s just about a matter of preference.


Bali Bird Park

The last place we visited on the first day was Klungkung Market. This one was a sort of ‘entertainment’ for my mom. Klungkung Market is located around 45 minutes to an hour journey from Ubud. I’m not really into shopping, but I have to admit that this market sell lots of beautiful high quality Balinese traditional fabrics. The prices are also very reasonable. So that day ended up with my mom bought loads of fabrics.

The kind of fabrics sold in Klungkung Market

The kind of fabrics sold in Klungkung Market

The second day was all about Beaches. We stayed in a hotel near Kuta beach, but I didn’t want to visit Kuta because it’s way too mainstream. So we went to Nusa Dua. The first beach that we visited was Pandawa Beach. It’s famous for its cliff and believe me you’ll get better view when you take the pictures of the beach from above. The second beach was Padang-Padang. By far, it was my most favorite beach. However, it looks like a kind of secluded beach since the access way is not so easy. Basically you need to walk down the steep stairs before you reach the beach. The reasons why I love this beach? White sands, clear sea water, the reefs, and not crowded. The last beach was Dreamland in Pecatu. I guess it will soon turned to be the second “Kuta” in Bali. The beach itself is very pretty, but it’s very crowded. I don’t like crowd. Again, maybe it’s just a matter of preference.


Pandawa Beach

Padang-Padang Beach


The one & only not-crowded side of Dreamland Beach

We didn’t visit so many places in Bali this time, such as Tanah Lot, Uluwatu, Kintamani, GWK, etc. But, don’t worry, we had so much fun! That trip was enough to re-gain my energy.

Bali is still my land of paradise. Despite so many tourists have visited that island, it never loose its charm. The unique fact about Bali is, you won’t find any building having more than three stories. It’s a part of the government regulation, you can’t build any buildings with heights exceeding the ‘Pura’*.

For those people out there, if you’re planning to visit Indonesia for the first time and you have to decide which place to visit, you definitely have to choose Bali. You will absolutely enjoy your time here. I guarantee! 🙂 If, by any chance, you’re questioning about the current security level of Indonesia in general, Indonesia is safe for tourists. No need to worry about this.

*Pura : the worshipping place for people with Hindu religion. Most of the local people in Bali are practicing Hinduism.

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