Introducing my book blog

Hello! I’m back, dear reader! First of all, happy new year to all of you.

This is my first post in 2014, and I bring a good news. I have just created my own book blog. This idea came up in the middle of last month, actually. I wanted to have a blog where I will fill only with reviews about books that I have read and enjoyed. My sole purposes are to share my views and interact with other book – readers around the world. I used to write everything about books under the ‘books’ category in this blog. Now, I have moved the posts about book reviews to the new blog.

From now on, I will focus to write anything other than books in ‘La Vie Est Belle’. Don’t worry, I’ll try to write equally in both blogs, regardless of my schedules. that for real, Ella??

Well, I hope you will pay a little visit on my other muse. It’s called ‘The Bibliophile’s Journal’ by the way. I just have written one brand- new book review, though. More reviews will come later. Hopefully.

Still need some revisions here there, though. But, the new blog is now read-able, I guess.

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