Christmas & End of The Year Post

It’s Christmas again now. Last year I celebrated Christmas in Vatican and probably it was one of the best christmas moments in my life so far. Two years ago, I was celebrating Christmas in London only to know that everything was close down on the Christmas day, even the church (!). Seems like it was only yesterday. I don’t like the way time goes so fast.

This year, I’m celebrating christmas back home with the whole family in Indonesia. Just like the old days. But somehow I miss my grandma. Christmas is just feel different without my grandma being around us. And it’s already seven years after my grandma passed away. Hope she’s happy up there. Heaven must be really happy to have her around.

Anyways, no one give me christmas cards this year. *sad face*. I remember when I was studying in UK, everyone sent me christmas cards, even the ones who are not celebrating christmas. I miss their kindness. To be honest, there’s always this one hope inside my heart to go back there. Let this be my christmas wish this year. 🙂

And since this post obviously going to be the last post of the year, I just want to sum up the year 2013. 2013 for me was the year when real life started to punch me right on my face. I ruined some good opportunities that come to my life. But I took it as lessons learned, rather than failures. On the bright side, I also started some new things, joined new organizations, met new people, and attended some interesting events. And yes, don’t forget, I got a job this year which gave me a little bit of ‘incomes’.  I’m still grateful, no matter what.

And in 2014, I hope I can reach that biggest dream in my life. Apart from that, I also got some targets to be done next year. One of them is related to my blogging life. I’ve already had some rough ideas on what I’m going to do with my blog(s) next year. I’ll share with you later about that. Yeah, apparently being unemployed for these past few months has made my creative minds gone wild!

So, see you next year! I’m signing off from blogging stuff for the next two weeks. I’m going on holiday! Yeay! I’ll still be active on my Instagram, though. So feel free to follow my Instagram account. *self-promotion*

Merry christmas, happy holiday, and happy new year!

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