My Childhood Christmas Tale

I grew up believing that Santa Clause exists. My parents made me. I’m so thankful now that they made me believe in that such kind of fairytale. I had a wonderful childhood because of that. 🙂

I still remember how on early Decembers I started to pray so that Santa would bring me presents that I wished to get on the Christmas day. I wrote a letter to Santa the day before Christmas, put it inside a shoe, filled the shoe with a handful of grasses taken from our backyard. Why grasses? Because I believed that Santa’s rain deers must be really exhausted and hungry after a very long journey from North Pole to my house. So I gotta feed them.

I believed in Santa Claus until I was a 6th grader and honestly I couldn’t remember exactly how I figured out that all of those stuffs about Santa Claus was actually fictional. However, during that period when I still believing on the existence of that chubby beardy old man from North Pole, I got so many presents from “Santa”. Most of them are books. Encyclopedia of Influential People and Harry Potter series were just some presents from “Santa” that I can still remember until now. Yeah, I’ve been a bibliophile since I was very young, indeed.

I never hate my parents for “lying” to me (and my brothers) about Santa Claus. It made my Christmas more joyful, as a kid. And somehow nowadays I secretly hoping that I could repeat those moments. I miss being a kid.

Christmas is still my favorite day of the year, beside my birthday. And today is just a little bit over a week before Christmas.

As a kid or as an adult, there’s one thing that never change about Christmas. It’s the time for family gathering. 🙂

When I have a kid someday, I will make him/her believe in Santa Claus, as my parents did to me. I want to bring the joy of Christmas for my kid, as well. 😀

Happy counting the days until Christmas, guys!!! Don’t forget to warm yourself with a cup of hot chocolate (and some marshmallows on top of it….oh how I miss marshmallows, it’s hard to get them here) during this gloomy weather.

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