Wishful Wednesday (4)

Hello! It’s time for another Wishful Wednesday post. This is my fourth WW, anyway.


Just like the previous WW, this time I also want to list more than one book. As I’m planning to re-read the Harry Potter series next year and I want to read the original version of them (not the translated one), I wish I can get the UK version (the ones published by Bloomsbury, to be specific) of Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets; Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban; Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire; and Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. Why I’m craving for the ones published by Bloomsbury? Because they got very cute covers. And I judge books by their covers. 🙂 Of course after I read the reviews before. 😉

I started reading Harry Potter when I was a 6th grader. The time when they released the Indonesian version of Harry Potter series, for the first time. Since then, I grew up reading Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s adventure. As an adult, I’m so curious of what it feels to read Harry Potter series again. That’s why I want to read the UK version, so that I can get the ‘real’ experience. lol. 😀 To be honest, nowadays I prefer reading books in their original versions rather than the translated ones.

Well, if there’s anyone of you have the UK version of Harry Potter, I would be really really glad if you want to swap with my Indonesian translated versions of those titles. Although, I’m pretty doubtful if there’s a person who are willing to do this kind of ridiculous book-swapping. Haha. I think I will try to find those books in bargained price. If you got some informations on where can I get them (maybe you have any recommendations on some local online bookshops that sell imported books in bargained price), your help will be much appreciated. 🙂

See you on the next Wishful Wednesday!

You can also join this meme, by following these rules :

-Silakan follow blog Books To Share – atau tambahkan di blogroll/link blogmu =)
-Buat posting mengenai buku-buku (boleh lebih dari 1) atau segala hal yang berhubungan dengan kebutuhan bookish kalian, yang jadi inceran kalian minggu ini, mulai dari yang bakal segera dibeli, sampai yang paling mustahil dan hanya sebatas mimpi. Oya, sertakan juga alasan kenapa buku/benda itu masuk dalam wishlist kalian ya!
-Tinggalkan link postingan Wishful Wednesday kalian di Mr. Linky (klik saja tombol Mr. Linky di bagian bawah post). Kalau mau, silakan tambahkan button Wishful Wednesday di posting kalian.
-Mari saling berkunjung ke sesama blogger yang sudah ikut share wishlistnya di hari Rabu =)

6 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday (4)

  1. kemarin pernah liat di Facebook Bukumoo Satu Dua Tiga jual Harry Potter versi english, tapi lupa covernya yang mana… aku malah tertarik yang cover paling baru la. aaah…harpot emang ga ada matinya ya 😀

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