Christmas & End of The Year Post

It's Christmas again now. Last year I celebrated Christmas in Vatican and probably it was one of the best christmas moments in my life so far. Two years ago, I was celebrating Christmas in London only to know that everything was close down on the Christmas day, even the church (!). Seems like it was … Continue reading Christmas & End of The Year Post

Wishful Wednesday (5)

For this Wishful Wednesday, I will put this poetry book, called "Love & Misadventure" by Lang Leav. Why? Firstly, my friend highly recommended it to me. Secondly, ¬†everything about this book has already gone viral on Tumblr. Most people give positive reviews on Goodreads. The fact that this book won the second place for Goodreads … Continue reading Wishful Wednesday (5)

Indonesian Romance Reading Challenge 2014

Akhir-akhir ini saya suka jalan-jalan ke blog para pecinta buku Indonesia. Ternyata banyak di antara mereka yang mengadakan book challenge. Salah satunya ini : Indonesian Romance Reading Challenge yang di-host oleh Yuska dari blog Lust and Coffee. Challenge yang cukup menarik, sehingga saya akan mencobanya untuk tahun depan. Yeay! Kebetulan saya sudah agak jarang membaca … Continue reading Indonesian Romance Reading Challenge 2014