A Brand New Motivation

Yesterday I went to a seminar called ‘Make It in Germany’. For those of you who have been following my blog posts since at least last year, you probably know that I really want to study and/or work in that particular country. So, yesterday’s event was really useful for me. Maybe you are wondering what is my initial motivation to live in Germany. Actually the very first reason that made me want to go to live in Germany was because I was once having a fling with a German guy when I was studying in UK. Haha! Well, now I have already done with the guy but I am definitely not done with my dream to live in Germany.

I would like to share it here. This year I occupied myself with sending PhD applications to around ten German universities. Out of those ten applications, one application got me through the final interview (though I ended up fail). And I got rejected for the rest. Don’t ask me if I am frustrated. You know the answer. 

Honestly, I got a brand new insight yesterday. Living in Germany, as well as studying or getting a job there is indeed requires a hard work, but it does not mean it is impossible for us, foreigners (Asian, to be specific), to live there. If we have an outstanding qualification, all we need is just a little bit more self-confidence. Yesterday, I also listened to some interesting yet inspiring Indonesian professionals who have ever worked in Germany talking about their experiences. One of them was a thirty-something man who is currently an Indonesian expatriate working in Indonesia. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? He is now a managing director for a German company. It’s like he’s an Indonesian, living in Indonesia, but he’s being paid using a ‘bule’ rate. Wow! He told us that he reaches his current position after a series of hard works. In Germany, you will have no career if you don’t work hard. In there, your boss will never give compromise to any of your excuses. And, actually it’s true that your language ability will determine your success in Germany.

No matter how hard it takes to get a job or a place to study there, just believe that Indonesian people can also compete with other candidates from around the world.


There were a few personal take-home notes from ‘Make It in Germany’ seminar :


  • It’s not impossible to start my career in Germany. Yes, it’s hard. Very hard. But not impossible.
  • Everyone got the same chance to work there. Well, maybe one has a bigger chance than the others. But, the hard worker; enthusiastic; ambitious; and persistent one, will always have that bigger chance.

  • I had just sent ten applications, and failed. Many people out there might had sent a hundred applications before they got a post in Germany. I must put more effort on this. 
  • I need to attend similar events and meet inspiring people. I have once said that I don’t need other people to act as my motivator. Now, I think I need.

  • First thing first, I need to improve my Deutsch!

After being back again in Indonesia for a year, I realized that this country can’t accommodate my professional expertise. I am a master in immunology with a speciality in autoimmune disease. While we are lacking of studies here in Indonesia, there are so many research in that field at the moment in some European countries. One of them is Germany. So why I choose Germany over the others? It’s a developed country; German people have strong personalities; their government allocates more fundings, compared to other European countries, for medical research; and this country has international working atmospheres.

I never know where destiny will bring me eventually. I have some targets to  be pursued at the moment, and this is one of them. 

I’m so glad that I could manage to attend ‘Make It in Germany’ seminar. I can’t imagine how many informations I would have been missed if I didn’t manage to come there. Many thanks to Econid, GIZ, DAAD, and Goethe Institut for  organizing this event. Danke schoen

Bitte mir warten, Deutschland (hoffentlich)!

Anyway, just an intermezzo. Someone once asked me this question last year : “Gabriella, why Germany?”. That time, I answered : “Why not?”





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