all you need is nothing, not even an effort

Up until yesterday, I didn’t believe there’s such thing as ‘instant relationship’. But then I heard a story of a friend. Just like me, she was so obsessed with a Caucasian guy. So when she published her relationship status, I thought she was just getting a little bit more serious with that Caucasian guy. In fact, she met a totally brand new guy (not a really total stranger, though) here in Indonesia. In the form of a pure Indonesian guy (no mixture..haha!). They started their relationship only a week or two after their first meeting, then in just one month she got proposed, and now she’s preparing for her wedding. All happen (from the first meeting, got together, got proposed, wedding preparation) in less than 6 months. Amazing.

See? Sometimes love works beyond your logic. And when the timing is right, it seems that you need no effort to make that thing, called ‘marriage’ to become reality.

I keep telling myself, even until now, that I won’t get married so soon. I still want to enjoy my twenties. I still have many dreams to pursue. But when the timing is perfect and there’s a guy coming to my life convincing that he will accompany me pursuing my dreams and when that very moment I suddenly feel sure that everything will be alright if I’m with him, I don’t think I can say no to his ‘proposal’

My mom ever said to me that, actually I don’t need to search for my soulmate. He will come.

Now I believe that somehow it can be true. I don’t need to wait desperately.

He will come in the unexpected time and maybe in the form of an unexpected person.

And…yes finally I should say this phrase that I used to totally disagree : in terms of love, quality is more important than quantity.

And if you’re wondering if I believe in the idea of a soulmate. Yes, I do. And I think, I will automatically feel that sense when I meet him.

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