Fifth Blog Anniversary : Keep On Writing

I started my WordPress blog in Oct 28th, 2008 because I just felt bored with my old blog. It was an impulsive decision. I never imagined that I actually can maintain this blog for the period of five years, and hopefully I will manage to maintain this blog for many more years.

I started this blog as a college student, and now five years later I have already gone quite far from where I was five years ago. This blog has taught me to be grateful for everything that have happened in my life. Sometimes I went through some past entries in this blog and found out that actually my life is full of simple miracles and little surprises. The ones which, most of the times, I did not realize. I know that I always pay attention to things that haven’t happened yet in my life, whilst actually so many great things have happened to me. I should be more grateful.

I also sometimes think that I did not improve a lot as a person. Well, looking at all of those entries in this blog, I have transformed into a better person compared to some years ago. I change a lot in five years.

Finally thanks for you, dear readers! Silent readers, non-silent readers, and people who have been directed to this blog by Uncle Google . Big appreciation for you all! Thanks for spending your time writing comments on my entries and for clicking the ‘like’ button. Simple stuffs that mean the world for me. At first, I did not expect people to read my entries because I just wanted to share my feeling/opinion here. And the initial purpose of this blog was to keep me sane in the middle of those overload college tasks. So, thank you!

I am happy to have this ‘home’ in the cyber-world. The five years existence of this blog also proof me that I could be so committed in doing something. I have been writing at least one entry every month in five years, without failing. This is an achievement, indeed! 🙂

As written on the title of this entry, ‘Fifth Blog Anniversary : Keep On Writing’, I will not stop writing. Hopefully I can still maintain my strong commitment to write. Because you know, writing is relieving! Starting from last year, I have been writing about my most personal problems in a journal. And it’s truly relieving.

Maybe writing is my newfound passion. It’s been hiding somewhere inside myself for years.

Happy birthday, my blog! Thanks for being my best friend for these 5 years.

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