I didn’t realize that I’ve become such a multi-tasker these days. Well, maybe people don’t see me like that, but I feel like that. I reach a point where I need to ask myself whether I should go on following this path I have started since a couple of years ago, although everything ahead is blurry. Or I should take a new challenge, although it’s against my idealism.

I choose to prepare for both. Since I haven’t exactly got that new challenge, I still keep working on my plan A. That’s why I feel like a multi-tasker because in the same time I have to split my mind towards two totally different things. It’s tiring, but I don’t want to waste every single opportunity that come to my life. It might not come twice. One thing that I avoid is to regret my decision not to take chances that come to my life.

However, God works in His mysterious way. Life works in its mysterious way. An unexpected thing happened to me last week. Regarding that thing, I didn’t set my hope too high at the very beginning, but realizing that I finally could go through that stages, somehow now I want to get it.

But on the other hand, I still love medical science. But I know, nowadays, working in science field is hard, even in European countries.

So, I guess the best solution is just working hard and grab the first opportunity coming right in front of me.

“in the middle of chasing your dream, you might get lost. but it leads you towards something better”

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