The Power of Hug

Have you never ever been hugged by someone, ever since when you’re born? I believe, there’s almost none of you have ever faced such a pity situations like that. To be honest, my parents rarely hug me nowadays considering my age. But, I don’t mind. They love me to the moon and back. I know it. But as a kid, I experienced countless hugs from my parents.

However, is it true that as we grow up, we deserve less hugs from people? I, personally, disagree with that. When I was continuing my study abroad, it’s not a strange thing for adults to share hugs. And you know what, hugging is comforting. When you have a big problem and you’re seeking a friend to talk about it (attention for boys : yes, girls do this. frequently! haha), in fact you don’t need her/him to give you advice. Because the only person who knows how to solve your problem is yourself. All you need is just a warm and sincere hug from a friend. A hug alone can reduce like half of your problems.

The power of hug is much stronger than just a ‘tap on the shoulder’.

To end this post, I found this video on YouTube. A very beautiful video. On the Valentine’s Day 2011, a group of people in San Antonio, Texas. USA decided to give ‘free hug’ for everyone who passed in that location. And they made a video of it. Wonderful.


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