20 Things

Two days ago while I was blog-hopping, I found someone who blog a post titled “20 Things” which basically tell random things about her. Somehow, I got inspired and decided to blog a kind of similar stuffs. So, here we go. 20 things about me, in random order.

1. I’m the eldest kid in the family. I got 2 younger brothers.

2. I’ve been dealing with science for these past 7 years. And I love it

3. I got so many passions in my life. I was facing a quite hard time when I had to decide which subject I’m gonna take after finishing high school. I ended up in science, though.

4. I’m so grateful to be given an opportunity to study in the UK last year. It changed me a lot

5. I adore chubby and smart guys

6. I speak 3 foreign languages. And I’m thinking to learn some others.

7. When I listen to the music, I pay attention more on the lyrics

8. One of my dreams that won’t ever be come true is, to watch the live concert of The Beatles. Too bad I was born long after the band split up.

9. I’m into indie musics and films

10. I’m a coffee and tea addict

11. I’ve been taking piano course since I was in the 4th grade

12. I’m currently learning not to be too idealist, as a human being.

13. I can remember every single moment that have happened in my life. Should I consider this as a gift or something? I wish I could just forget all of the unimportant stuffs in the past, anyway.

14. I’m a proud Indonesian. Yes, I am. Though I rarely said it in public.

15. I’m a bookworm. Leave me in a bookshop and I won’t complain at all

16. I can’t enjoy reading comic books. Don’t know why but I guess I love words more than graphics.

17. People often seek me for some advices about their relationships. Haha! I found this funny, though.

18. I don’t believe in ‘love at the first sight’

19. I think if one day I end up with a guy who love traveling as much as I do, it’s gonna be beyond fun!

20. Don’t expect me to get married in my twenties. I still want to have fun and pursue my dreams. Wait until I reach thirty, and I’m gonna be ready to settle down. I guess.

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