Talking about kids

I don’t know why but lately I feel that I have a certain addiction on small kids. I love their innocent looks and smiles. And to be honest, I like Caucasian kids more than Indonesian kids. The reason is simple. Caucasian kids tend to be more independent if you compared to Indonesian kids. That’s because the influence of their parents, I guess. I always believe that kids are supposed to be allowed to explore their worlds. There’s no need for parents to limit their kids’ activities.

Last weekend, I met a little girl who is barely 10 years old. She’s a “product” of a mix-nationalities parents. Her mother is an Indonesian and her father is a Belgian. She’s so smart, I adore her so much. Imagine in such a young age she can speak French, English, and Indonesian perfectly. And when she speaks Indonesian, she does it without any weird accent, unlike most blasteran kids in this country. She’s also a kind of girl who is curious about everything. Gosh, her parents must be so proud of her. I instantly fell in love with that cute little girl. Really hoping to see her again and have a chat (yes, she seriously can be a very nice discussion partner!), though.

I told my friend about my sudden addiction to kids, and you know what was her reaction? She told me : “Ella, that’s a sign that you gotta have your own kids. Find a guy, get married quick, and have some kids!” Hahahaha…..I cannot give any comments to that “getting married” issue, for now.

Sometimes I think it must be really nice if I can get married to a Caucasian guy, one day. We will have cute kids who can naturally speak (at least) 2 languages. Haha! Yes, I really want my kids to be able to speak as many languages as possible because I want them to be easily adapt in anywhere they are.

I know, there’s still a long way for me to go through before I can be a real parent. However, I’ve already got lots of plans on how I am going to raise my kids. Aside of introducing them to foreign languages as early as possible, I want to make my kids read. Not just able to read (well, everyone must be able to read!), I want to make them love reading. I will tell them bedtime stories. My parents never did that kind of activity when I was a kid, so I want to do it to my kids. Then, I want to bring them to museums, having some picnics in open air areas. I won’t take them to the malls very often. I will bring them on some journeys to see other countries. I want my kids growing up to be open-minded people.

And last but not least, I will let my kids do what they want as long as it gives positive effects for them. This pretty much the same as the way my parents raise me.

Wow, it seems that I will be such a cool and idealistic parent!

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