Cyber World vs Your Image

Currently I have some social media accounts. It’s quite addictive for me. It started with just one account, then I was tempted to make other accounts. But you know, with all of the internet accounts that I have, comes the responsibility as well. I didn’t really realize and paid attention to that before. Not all of your personal informations are worth to be shown on the internet. People nowadays can google your name and get the informations they need in just a couple of seconds. That’s good! On the other side, it’s scary.

Why am I writing this post?

Some of my Facebook friends have this tendency to write, literally, everything on their statuses. Actually it’s none of my business. But it’s just a little bit annoying. For example, there is this one girl who always complain about her job. On her Facebook status. I can be categorized as an “outsider”, but I know everything that’s happening to her in her office. Just by reading her Facebook statuses. I admit that Facebook has become quite exaggerating lately. We can stalk on people as much as we want. Just so you know, yes, I’m a pretty good stalker. And if I want to, I can easily gather most of the informations about someone just by looking at his/her Facebook. No one has privacy anymore in the cyber world. It’s our own responsibility to protect our own informations and be selective in accepting friend requests.

Currently, one social media can be automatically synced with others. If you write something on your twitter’s timeline, for example, it could be automatically appears on your Facebook, even without you notice about it. Then, without you realizing it, your Facebook page will turn into Twitter because it is flooded with your tweets. What I want to say here is, every social media have their own purposes. It’s kinda weird when you sync everything. Maybe it’s not a big problem for you, but other people might think differently. And you have to consider other people, too.

There’s a reason why I protect most of my social media accounts. Well, except my blogs. I’m not that important. My tweets are mostly just contain my random thoughts. So, should I make it open to public? No. That’s why I protect it. I don’t want people, except the ones who willingly become my followers, read my unimportant tweets.

I’ve got a bad experience in expressing my thought in social media. So, one day, a few months ago, I found a good video in YouTube. I just wanted to express my appreciation to the artist. But maybe it turned out (for other viewers) that I wrote an “inappropriate” comments. Some people started to reply on my comments and judging me because of my comments. Started from that moments, I’m being extra careful with my activities in cyber world. It’s better to just click the “like” button, rather than write comments. 🙂

Maybe you’ve never had any bad experiences on the internet. But, still, you need to be careful on everything you do in this “world”. Everyone can easily track your activities. There are sooo many informations scattered on the internet. No doubt, internet is very useful. Just remember, not all of the people you find on the internet, are good people. And other people might be annoyed looking at what you post on the internet. You can say : ” I don’t ask them to look at my pictures or to read my status. It’s my account, it’s my blog. I got all the rights to post everything on my accounts!” But that’s just not completely acceptable. You can’t be selfish, in this case.

Everything that you write, everything that you post, are the reflections of yourself. It’s up to you, how you want to build up your image in front of others. Sometimes we cannot act just the way we are. Good image is essential, especially when we’re just starting our career.

2 thoughts on “Cyber World vs Your Image

  1. I can correlate to this. 🙂

    Twitter saya tutup gara-gara tiap ngebuka timeline isinya ritwitan ceramah provokatif, quote-quote motivator yg minta diritwit ngeluh sama pemerintah, atau galau overdosis . -__-

    FB sih berhubung masih kepake buat koneksi sama temen lama, jadi masih dinyalain. Cuman yg ‘berisik’ (kayaknya tau deh siapa :p) saya hide dari news feed..hehe.

    Indeed, we can’t be selfish on our own social media page.

    • Kalau di twitter, setidaknya kita bisa milih siapa yang mau kita follow. Yang gak enak, kalau tanpa disadari, malah tweet2 kita yang bikin orang lain terganggu. Haha.
      Facebook sih yang agak bikin gerah. Kadang suka pengen unfriend, tapi karena temen sendiri gimana juga ya.
      Yes, I agree. In the end, we can’t be selfish because we’re dealing with real people who also have feeling, in this cyber world. Although there are some ‘bots’ as well. 😀
      And the most important is, protect your personal identity!

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