Study in UK : Part 3

Finally the last part of “Study in UK” series. Apologize for the long delay.

Now I am going to share about how much is the living cost in Newcastle (as I was studying in that town. it might be different with the other towns in UK), how to find new friends, and how to find an accommodation that suits you.

How much money you spend in one month is really depend on your lifestyle. I was a pretty modest kind of student, so I (almost) never spent more than £200 per month unless there were some emergencies. However, bear in your mind, that amount of money is not including your rent and bills. I spent that money for buying groceries (I rarely cook by myself, though), buying frozen foods (that’s why microwave exists), eat-out once in a while, watching movies once in a while, buying books (nerd will always be nerd), traveling to some towns nearby. Yeah, believe me, that much money is enough for all of those expenses. All you need to know, is the trick.

I’ll tell you the trick. There are lots of student discounts and promos. You have to make use of them to the maximum capacity. For example, you can eat outside with some friends so you guys can divide your bills. LOL. If you want to buy books, don’t go to a big bookstore. Go to the charity bookstores, such as Oxfam, British Heart Foundation, etc. You can get secondhand books. In some certain periods, there are price reduction in big bookstores as well. Believe me, books are much cheaper there compared to in Indonesia. If you happen to study in Newcastle, I recommend you to visit a small bookshop located in one corner of Grainger Marker. They give you the best price! For you movie-goers, there are certain days when you can watch movies for a half price in that cinema at The Gate. I think it’s on Tuesdays, if I’m not mistaken.

Then, how to find an accommodation? I lived in a student accommodation. To tell you the truth, the price was really killing me. It’s expensive. Around £5000 for one year. However, with that amount of money, you don’t need to pay the bills anymore. You already got internet connections in your room. There’s a communal kitchen and communal lounge.And student accommodation is relatively safe. For me, it’s worth the price. There’s an option to rent a private accommodation, as well. The price looks cheaper when you rent a private accommodation, but actually with the bills etc you will find that the price of private and student accommodation is not really different. Moreover, the safety in private accommodation. There’s no security staff. It’s quite dangerous, actually. I once rented a house together with 4 of my friends and each of us need to pay £2000-ish for 6 months excluding bills. But in the end, it’s your choice whether you want to stay in a student or private accommodation. 😉

Last but not least, how to find new friends? Go out and mingle! That’s the key. Sign up for one or two student societies. Don’t just hang out with people with the same nationality as yours (read : Indonesian people). Open your mind. Yeah, looks simple but it works for me.

That’s all I can say about living and studying in UK (well, in Newcastle, specifically). I hope you find these series of articles useful. And I’m so sorry that I need like 2 months to write these articles. Life’s been busy these days hahaha (yeah, this is just an excuse).

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