Last Day of May

Life’s been pretty rough this month. Thank God, today is the last day of May. Fingers crossed that next months will be much better.

Got 3 rejection emails in one week. That could be categorize as major misfortune, right? Yes, I’m trying to be strong now. But my parents always remind be to be grateful for what I have now, keep praying, search for other opportunities, and never compare myself to others. As always, they’re my source of strength and happiness.

Thankfully, I also got friends around me who keep me sane. Like last week, a friend of mine who’s currently pursuing his studies abroad suddenly sent me a Skype message just to asked if I’m alright. Some friends from Newcastle also told me to be patient. I know I’m so lucky to have them. Thank you so much.

Today I watched a movie called “People Like Us” , and found an interesting quote :

“Most of the doors in this world are locked. But if you’re knocking them real hard, as hard as beating a drum, don’t worry you’ll be alright”

Now my mission is to knock on the doors of opportunities. This time, it’s gonna be real hard.

Happy weekend and happy welcoming the mid 2013.

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