Study in UK : Part 2

Continuing the previous post, Studying in UK : Part 1, here is the part 2.

In this post I will tell you mainly about what are going to happen with you while you are studying in UK. The education system, the class atmosphere, the students, etc. Of course, everything that I mention here are based on my personal experience. This blog post is not a guideline for you. This is just a sharing of my precious experience.

So, now you’re already stepped your feet in the land of Great Britain with one important mission : STUDY!. Always keep in your mind, you’re coming to UK for study. 🙂 For Masters degree, UK education is very different with Indonesian education system. In UK. students are expected to do most of their activities by themselves. They must manage their time very well. It means, you only need to attend the class maximum 3 times in a week. The rest is your choice, whether you want to spend your time in the library studying independently or not. It’s up to you. Your professors only expect that you submit the course works on time and that you are able to answer the exams. For me, personally, it was exciting. I could explore everything by myself, finding the answer for the yet unanswered questions through the textbooks, scientific journals, and asking some friends. Just for your information, there is no such thing as ‘lack of information’, because we have a full access to the most recent articles published in most of the well-known journals. So, there’s no excuse for not being updated! 🙂

Next, about the class atmosphere. UK students are so lively. When the professor ask a question, there must be (at least) two people who raise their hands to answer. When the professor’s explanation seems unclear or (they think) doesn’t make sense, they will give their argumentation. Every lecture always end up with nice discussion between the students and the professor. The difference between UK student and Indonesian student is, they are brave enough to express their idea whilst Indonesian students (including me), sometimes thinking way too much before expressing their brilliant ideas and/or opinions. In this case, we have to learn from them.

Finally, about the exam. Normally, the exam is in the form of essay. There are 5 problems, and usually you just need to choose 3 out of that 5. In a very rare case, the professor will give you a multiple choice kind of exam. But, that’s very rare. A special advice while you’re doing your exam : don’t write a very long paragraph that ends up not answering the question. you won’t get any point for that. A tips if you want to get a high score for your exam : elaborate your answer with examples taken from the recent scientific publication. it’s even better if you can give a new information that your professor hasn’t known yet. Professors in UK, as far as I know, always welcome for some new informations given by students. So don’t worry if you feel that you’re more ‘clever’ than your professor. They totally won’t hate you for that. :p On the contrary, they will be very proud of you. Believe me!

Last but not least, if you’re already accustomed with Indonesian education system, honestly you need to put a little more effort in order to survive in the middle of UK education system. But, you know, it’s fun to be a student in UK. Everyday is a new adventure.

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