I’m back in J-Town

Hey I’m back in Jakarta again. Still experiencing a little bit of jet lag, though. Must deal with it anyway. Coming back from Europe and bringing a bad news. I didn’t get the position, eventually. All of those lab unavailability etc. apparently was just their way to say that I’m rejected. Sad? Of course. Disappointed? Indeed! Give up? NO! You know, being rejected in the last round is like the worst thing in the world. If I want to cry, I can cry now. But, crying won’t solve the problem. So, it’s the time to get up and move on.

That dream will always be my dream forever. I believe I can do it one day and I’ll keep that in my mind.

There’s nothing to regret. This situation happens for a reason. Maybe I’m just not ready to be a PhD student at the moment. Maybe I need to gain some more experiences. Maybe I need to apply all of those knowledges that I’ve got so far. Lots of possibilities.

And as someone say : “When one door closes, another one(s) will open”. I got something to do, at least until the end of this month. But, I’m really hoping that I can find further opportunities there. The project will start tomorrow. I hope I can give my best in this one.

I’m good. I’m okay now.

I only miss Newcastle, a little.

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