this is why I love my name so much

I remember when I was starting the first week of research, last year. I felt like I need to introduce myself to some people in the lab. Of course firstly I told them about my name. I always introduce myself as “Gabriella” to most of my European friends. I don’t know why, but “Gabriella” sounds more familiar and easier for them to pronounce, rather than “Ella”. Weird, isn’t it?

Funny things always happened after I introduced myself and the country where I come from. One day, a lab mate asked me : “What’s your name?” | “Gabriella”. |”Where are you from?” |”I’m from Indonesia”. You know what she said afterwards? With a wrinkled expression, she said “Your name doesn’t sound like Indonesian people’s name.” Hahaha. After that day, telling people the history behind my name was becoming a sort-of usual activity for me. Western people are so curious about it. That’s cool, you know.

So this is the story behind my (pretty) name….take a seat back and relax

My full name is ‘Gabriella Gita Febriana’. ‘Gabriella’ is my baptism name. What I knew is that it derives from ‘Gabriel’ the angel, until one day my old friend out of a sudden texted me. “Ella, you know the meaning of ‘Gabriella’?”|”It’s an angel’s name, isn’t it? That’s all I know”| “Yeah, but the meaning of ‘Gabriella’ itself is ‘God is my might’. You have such a beautiful name.” it is! ‘Gabriella’ means ‘God is my might’. Then, ‘Gita’, my middle name. In Sanskrit language, it means ‘voice’. However, in the case of my name, it’s just an abbreviation of my mom and dad’s name. And finally, ‘Febriana’, my last name. It means ‘born in the month of February’. I don’t know where it’s derived from. Maybe from mom and dad’s language. haha. So, ‘Febriana’ is not my family name, guys! I don’t have a family name, to be exact. None of the members in my family, own a family name. That’s a pretty common thing in Indonesia.

Since most of Western people only got 2 names, they found it amazing that I got 3 names. A friend of mine, one day shouted : “Wow, Ella you’re so cool. You got 3 names”. Haha..Oh my God!

I need to thank my parents in the first place. Most of the people I know, don’t have any difficulties in pronouncing my name. British people can pronounce my full name perfectly. It’s proven. However, it’s Indonesian people who sometimes find it hard to pronounce my first name. đŸ™‚

I’m really proud to carry this name. That’s for sure.

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