a good sign

It was all started few months ago, late October – early November. I browsed for some available research projects and decided to randomly applied. Of course, I applied only the ones offered by reputable institutions. I don’t wanna downgrade my qualification (don’t mean to be rude, but yeah we’re not suppose to underestimate ourselves, are we?). When I applied for this particular project, I almost gave up. Why? Because this program has a very complicated application requirement. Imagine I should provide the authorized and translated copy of my high school diploma. I was still in NCL back then and didn’t have access to my high school certificate. I remember those days when I haunted my dad to send me the scanned copy of that document, as I needed it urgently. They also asked for my Master’s certificate, whilst I haven’t been graduated yet. Luckily they could wait until I got my certificate. When I was about to give up, I remember my friend told me : “You never know if this might be your only chance to get what you want. Just take it. If you don’t try, you’ll be regretful for the rest of your life.” Finally, I submitted everything on early December and in mid December (just before the Christmas holiday) I got an email saying that my application has passed the first round. Few minutes before that email came, there was an email from another institution (to whom I also applied for a project) saying that my application had to be rejected. That was just like “there’s a rainbow after the rain”. Haha.

After that email, I felt uncertain. As 2013 came, I checked my email twice or three times a day just to find whether there’s a good news coming. I’ve been accustomed to read  emails containing first sentence like this : “thank you very much for your application. however, regrettably we have to let you know that your application cannot get through the next step of admission process”. I received 5 or 6 emails with that tone, from different institutions.

Last Friday was special. I was about to go to sleep when I noticed there’s a red light blinking on my phone. Ah, there’s a new message. I read it and yes it’s a good news! My application got through the second phase and I need to attend the interview session before they decide whether I’m in or not. I was in my bedroom and my Dad was there as well, and I screamed happily : “Dad, I got it!!” He was so surprised, because he knows pretty well how hard I’m struggling for this. So, I’m going there next month!

I know that everything is still possible to happen after that interview. I still can’t believe this until now, honestly. If I got this, well it means I’m gonna stay in the research and academic field for the rest of my life (which I’ve been dreaming for these couple of years). If not, HE must have got better plans for me.

So what should I do now? preparing for the interview. I guess I should start reading papers again. 🙂

God, I can’t thank You enough. To my family, friends, and my former supervisors, thanks for your constant supports.

With a big hope in my heart and my faith in God, I’m sure everything’s gonna be fine.

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