new year, new spirit, new dreams

I know, it’s a little bit late for me to say “Merry Christmas 2012 & Happy New Year 2013”. We’re almost reach the second week in 2013. I was traveling during the holiday, so I only had limited access to the internet. Apologize!

What were you doing during the year-end holiday? I had a wonderful christmas, but only an ordinary new year. I don’t wanna talk about the celebration, now.

2012. To be honest, it was a hard year for me, but I tried to enjoy all of those hard times that I was facing. It wasn’t about living far away from my family. I don’t mind at all if I have to live in another country one (or many) more time(s). The hard thing was when I had to prove my self capacities to the people surrounds me – who are mostly from other countries. Being an international student is not an easy thing. I mean, local people are very welcome to us. Maybe this is just me, but I don’t wanna make they think that they’re more superior than me. Yups, that’s the point.

I remember, I started 2012 with no target, which was kinda unusual. I just had one wish to finish my Master. That’s all. But, the reality was, I accomplished quite many things. I completed my research, submitted my dissertation, presented my research project in that conference in Glasgow, got my research abstract published, and (of course) I graduated. My circle of friends were much expanding, as well. What a year!

2012 was also full of laughters. Yes, I was so stressed out but I conferred that with laughter so the level of stress could be a little bit degraded. There were tears, as well. I usually can hold my tears, even during the saddest moment. But, you know the quote : “you laugh when you like someone, you cry when you care about someone”. Yeah, that! Haha..sillyyyy!!!!

2012 was my year of traveling. I travelled to countless cities around UK and God also gave me opportunity to travel to Europe twice this year. HE’s so amazing.

And finally 2012 was also the year when I must leave UK for good. I must leave that person before I could say what I feel about him. Some people told me that it wasn’t love that I feel. But my heart said that it was. I’m not a type of person who can express that kind of feeling. So, well yeah. That’s life! Maybe we can meet again one day (haha..when is that “one day”?). Aufwiedersehen 2012. Overall, you’ve been great! I didn’t regret all of the things that has happened in 2012, including all of the mistakes that I’ve made.

2013. This gonna be a year of turning my dreams into realities. I will try my best to realize my dreams. I don’t know what will happen, but I’ll try my best. I got so many plans in my mind, but I don’t share it here. Just let them stay in my mind. The most important thing is, I wanna be a better person. I wanna be more mature. And I’ll try not to talk too much, but work more. Hopefully, some accomplishments are waiting ahead of me.

Wishing you a prosperous 2013, dear readers!

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