Graduation, et cetera

Finally I’m done with everything related to my Master’s degree. Last week, December 4th 2012, I officially obtained my degree. So, now I am Gabriella Febriana, BSc, MRes. Hopefully, I will soon find a job or a PhD position. Fingers crossed. I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow or few months from now.

I want to share the story of my graduation day a little bit here. That day was very hectic for me. I went to the bank, late in the morning to close my bank account. Then I rushed to M&S to meet my mom (yes, my parents were coming to attend my graduation). After that, I went to the campus to take my gown. I didn’t expect before that actually we have to carry that long gown (without plastic bag), while after that I had to have my hair done. Whuaa..disaster! However, finally everything was going alright. Thankfully.

finally got my Master

finally got my Master

Well, UK graduation is very different if you want to compare with (for example) ITB graduation. My Master’s graduation, in my opinion, was so elegant. I felt a mixed feeling between happy and sad. Happy because finally I got this degree, after all of those hard works. Sad because, wow one year has passed. I, like it or not, must say goodbye to my friends who come from all part of the world. We used to do our activities together in the campus, and suddenly now all of us must go back to our own countries and continuing our lives in separate ways. My eyes were almost shed into tears when the pro vice-chancellor said this phrases in his speech : “I hope all of the graduates will always keep fond memories about their times spent in Newcastle University”

I’m already going back for good now. I’m in Indonesia, but sometimes my mind is still in Newcastle. Lots of things have happened to me there. And I’m now a different person compared to who I was last year. I’ve changed in a good way. I wasn’t just learn about scientific subjects, but I was also learn about life. And that was really a priceless experience for me!

Newcastle, I’m already missing you now. My last day in Newcastle, it was snowing heavily. I guess it was the way Newcastle said goodbye to me. The sweetest goodbye. And for that someone who once said to me : “I never thought you’ll leave so soon”, here is my answer : “There’s no reason for me to stay any longer in Newcastle. I also never thought you care that much to me. Thanks for everything. Goodbye. I hope you’ll never forget me, this clumsy girl from Indonesia”

Now that I’m already in Indonesia, honestly I have to re-adapt myself with this place. I feel like a stranger in my hometown, now. Have to compromise with everything.

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