Until We Meet Again

Maybe my life here wouldn’t be as dynamic as this if I didn’t say yes to my friend’s invitation last year to join the choir. During my first weeks in Newcastle, I didn’t know anyone who want to go to church together with me on Sundays. I ended up going to church by myself. Then, finally I met a group of Indonesian friends who share the same faith with me. We started to find some “nice” church in the town. But, again all of us had our own preferences. Some of them preferred to go to the Catholic Chaplaincy owned by the University and some preferred the cathedral, whilst I prefer to go to a little church near the city centre.

First time I attended a Sunday morning mass there with my Indonesian friends. The second time with my Nigerian friend, the one who invited me to join the choir. I still remember what she told me : “I really want my life to be useful while I’m here. I’m gonna serve God with my talent. I’m joining the choir. You wanna join as well, Ella?” I said Yes! Then, we started joining the choir. The first song we rehearsed was Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus”.

I sang and met so many new people with various backgrounds and age. Okay, most of them are elder people. 🙂 I found a new family in that choir. And you know what happen when you must leave your family? You’re sad. Yes, I’m sad now, but I try to keep smiling.

Last night I went to the choir practice for the last time. I spotted lots of food on the table. Kinda unusual. “Surprised! We’re celebrating you, Ella”, they said. Awwwwww!!!! How sweet of them! It’s so stunning for me knowing that my existence there in the choir meant something for them. I thank God for giving me a talent to sing. I’ll always use this talent to worship HIM.

St. Andrew’s International choir, I will definitely miss our togetherness. God bless you, and take care!

*photo courtesy : Maria Yoanita

St. Andrew's Choir

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